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 Jun 2014
happily anonymous
here your only memory lies
from your funny stories
to your lovely lullabies.
from the times that we laughed
and the times we cried.
we went through all of this just to say goodbye.
but in my heart you will always be
till the day I die and see you in front of me
 Jun 2014
happily anonymous
big brown eyes
full lips
rich skin tone
gorgeous white smile
intoxicating cologne
why do you do this to me?
you make yourself so desirable,
but yet I cant have you.
when you look at me your eyes don't sparkle the way mine do, even when I see a picture of you.
just like my grandmother you to sing to me:
"you are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
you make me happy, when skies are gray.
you'll never know thee, how much I love you.
please don't take my sunshine away"
please release me of the shackles of your embrace.
your personality is a fountain of gold and silver.
you light up my day better than the sun does....Wow.
why don't you love me?
 Jun 2014
happily anonymous
why is the silence always the loudest
and why do people kept in  dim light shine the brightest
 Jun 2014
happily anonymous
this is my last and final goodbye
as I write this I think of the times you made me cry.
with your hurtful words
and your loving smile to others
the leather belt that struck my back and left the open wounds
the hot iron on my arm when I talked back
and the fist against my skull if I did something wrong.
love me, to mom
abuse is not to be taken lightly
 Jun 2014
happily anonymous
If I give you midnight skies with billions of white stars
or rivers flowing with milk and honey
that lie on a fertile land with roses and tulips blossoming in the misty air
will you feel my love
to my one and only.....atleast in my head
 Jun 2014
happily anonymous
our love is like a sunset.
so many layers
so many colors
we can go from light to dark
or from dark to light
but in the end we'll always glow
 Jun 2014
happily anonymous
faking a smile isnt working anymore
neither is wearing long sleeves to cover the scars.
I just want to be happy
and also not have to weigh myself everyday
not have to count the calories or refuse the food I love to eat
I want to be me
but society does not allow that
in a perfect world no one would feel like this
 Jun 2014
happily anonymous
im clenching the edge of the skyscraper called life.
you are the only thing keeping me from death.
I hear the angels call my name
and I hear the shadows whisper
I just beg you.....please dont let me go
I need to be saved
 Jun 2014
happily anonymous
her smiles shines like diamonds at the bottom of a clear cool lake.
her eyes like hazel tulips fluttering in the wind while she dances to the beat of the drums constructed by her soul
 Jun 2014
happily anonymous
I'm the majestic unicorn you only see in fairytales and dreams of candy lands and rivers flowing with milk and honey.
I'm the rose that blossoms in the dead of winter, while engulfed in snow.
The double rainbow that appears after an intense storm of emotions and weird feelings.
I am *unbelievable
 Jun 2014
happily anonymous
I am afraid to express myself to the world because of unnecessary judgment.
Afraid to be captured by demons but they're already inhabited inside my mind, body, and soul.
so what am I hiding from?
I'll be judged regardless.
The demons are already here and I'm afraid they know all my deep dark secrets
but shhhh.........
deep down in my spirit I feel as though there is something much more scary than a couple demons and judgment.
I think its those thing called "friends"
 Jun 2014
happily anonymous
there are about 140 people at this crowded after party
music is blasting .....but everything seems quiet to me.
I still feel alone when there are so many people that surround me.
its loud but the only thing I hear is silence.
I am prisoner to my mind and cruel imagination
but still I smile and try to blend in
nothing is as it seems
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