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Your words are like  honey...sticking to my bones, but rotting my teeth
I reached out my hand to save us both but you, all of a sudden, had a ladder crafted just for you
.......a ladder to climb from the depths of a howling cry filled with the remains of broken angel wings
Dreams you created, then crushed
Promises you made, then broke
Mistakes you confessed to God, then took back. set the pictures on fire and placed the ashes on my pillow
from the ash I made mud, when I mixed it with my tears..
With the same hands that held you up for years, I sculpted a bird.
A bird with new wings that couldn't be broken or torn...only made stronger
when the clouds pour out, do you feel their pain?
when the flower dies, can you smell the crumpled petal like failures?
Sun shines but there is no light here....only shadows, the light will forever shine past you....
As I opened my eyes and looked to the sky to see a sign of God
a rain drop kissed the crease of my forehead
songs sat upon clouds and drifted off like leaves in Autumn
My spirit began to break away piece by piece like chipped statues
I felt I grew wings and light shined around my head
God gave me flight with no safety net
he said "if you believe as much as you need no plan B"
From there I flew...
Looking at the mirror I saw sin run down the pretty gold frame
It was black like the depression I faced in a nightmare once
He cascaded his hands over my mouth to muffle my praises
He is everything covered in silver and gold, rubies and diamonds
.........but God is raw and the soil we plant the life of this Earth in.......the rain that nourishes it........and the animals able to feast
Never be silenced
The big cracked silver monstrosity rung
It was like a switch in the back of my mind.
My vision was clouded with hanging bodies and bleeding feet
My soul was lifted and set on fire by the devil himself
They were hanging from the olive tree branches with ropes and stones.
fingernails cracked with my bare back exposed and whipped with the whip of  my keeper.
My voice is hoarse and lost from the screams of the people in my dreams.
The glass I drink from cuts my lips
My blood ...........the color of a roses he bought me on the day of my funeral
Let my soul fly with black-winged angels that ride on dead white horses
Let your soul shine through like the ring you thought he bought for you to propose
Like the umbrella you used when he left you stranded in a storm
Like the spots on your thighs from skydiving tears and misleading acts of love
Like the lock on your pretty pink journal that never whispers to another soul
Like the walls your heart will soon begin to build
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