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 May 14
My Dear Poet
What was known yet unseen
was a king and a dying queen
holding their last kiss good bye
That day the kiss died

He then ordered all his men
to bind all lovers in his den  
Every embrace ever lied
The day the kiss died

The Judge and the Law
all came to find flaw
In any poet or guide
The day the kiss died

Finding two lovers, that spoke
of how his and her lips broke
Evidence, they could not hide
The day the kiss died

They cried,
“We hold and we touch
yet it’s not enough in as much
a kiss can’t be denied”

The day the kiss died

With a kiss hid in their heart
They tore them apart
and took them aside
The day the kiss died

Children chanted, “the kiss of death
will draw your last breath.
Don’t or dare to no longer abide”

The day the kiss died

And all the people they wept
and the sweepers that swept
the sad streets, they sighed
The day the kiss died

In lace they all dressed
in hope to lay the last kiss to rest
In a coffin to confide
The day the kiss died

That night,
Artists repainted the sky
Lanterns hung high
In the black rain they cried
The day the kiss died

While white doves bled red
It was heard and it was said
even the angels cried
The day the kiss died

The clowns in all places
Painted a frown on their faces
for all grooms and the brides
The day the kiss died

Old widows slept as it seems
waiting for their dreams
nuns by their side
The day the kiss died

The romantics broke doors
of bottle shops and liquor stores
yet the wine had all dried
The day the kiss died

Yet, still up north and down south
lovers, for love, open their mouth
welcoming death near and wide
The day the kiss died
 Jan 31
Ciel Noir
maybe I am drawn to darkness
so that I can be a light

the small feather that tips the scales
between "I cannot" and "I might"

a strange encounter that resets you
just enough to stay and fight
for one more night

maybe enough time to decide
to stay alive

I know that door
I've been locked in before
but now I have the keys

I hope that I can help you heal
or keep you safe from harm at least

I wish that I could be that voice
that you could follow back to peace

I walk at night
carry my light
and call to you

come walk with me
 Jan 19
S Smoothie
Something stirring

A cautious hover
Over a breaking smile

gratitude spills
tumbling over the reverently held ether

life lives here,

moistened with
Blood, sweat, Tears and rain

Every fall a rise
Like the breath of providence

A dip left
A twist right

the rhythm of life inspires dance,
Poetry, art, music and song  

Like air slipping over chords

Sacred Verbiage


Your hands are never empty

There is no void,

There is only the appearance of nothing

Which by the mere thought is even something

So grab on tight!

Even when it seems there is no thing

it really is something, isn't it?

Oh what we see, be and do when nothing is impossible!
Yes, yes you can!
When the sun arises in the morning above the pristine snow
and the stillness of the silence brings the panting deer ahead
When the heaven laden trees of winter slices heaven's glow
I know for sure that you will be there, in all of my tomorrows

When the train has bridged the miles across the forest glades
and the January snowflakes have swiveled through the air,  
like a thousand glistening diamonds, I will  venture into safety  
with the knowledge that you'll be there, in all of my tomorrows

When winter turns to spring and then to softer June  
I will wait inside this garden where all the flowers bloom
with the fragrance of her damask you will know that I was there
and you'll be certain of my presence, in all of your tomorrows,    

In all of our tomorrows, we'll be there.
Almost I found the courage
To tell you my regret
To tell you why
No one can ever touch me again

Would you hate me
For not telling you sooner
For being a coward
Despite having every opportunity possible

Would you hate the memories
As they all went skewed
Wondering if your lust
Was damaging instead of pleasing

Would you be mad at him
A boy who hurt me
That I have no contact with

I was almost brave
I almost formed the words
But when I tried to process it
I went back to that phone call
That cold, cold November
The request I made

I wished to make my abuser happy
Even at my own cost
How silly was I
How silly and young
Holding my life in my hands
 Nov 2022
Ankit J Chheda
Wave after wave we rode the highs,
Steadying our footing before the next rise,
It all crashes into laughter and the salty foam,
Time flew by as the clouds framed the setting sun,
Lighting our path as the time came to head back home.

I lived in the fleeting moments loving the rush of being alive,
Forgetting about the dark night that lay over the horizon,
As we crossed the threshold back into our abode,
The interlude ended as the last light receded from the windows,
Leaving me in unattended in the murk of my thoughts.

Unequipped for the blackness that glared at me,
I searched for a glimmer of a forgotten dream,
There was once a fire that shone bright my hopes & ambitions,
Not even embers remain that I may stoke a new flame,
Aimlessly I move through the motions of the daily mundane.

Slowly collapsing under the unbearable weight,
Wishing that I could find meaning in life,
Or give up altogether and end it tonight,
"Why am I even here?" Echoes back at me from the dark,
I fear there is nothing else left for me here.
I have stopped enjoying everything I once used to, like music, reading and spending time with people, I find it hard to continue with work as I am very uninspired in life, unable to create as I once used to be able to, I don't seem to be able to care for anything or anyone now. I am tired.
 Sep 2022
The seascape in my mind
Just became dark
Filling with morbid clouds
And fiercely black swell.
All of a sudden it switched
And the tv static that only my ear drums can conjure
Became forceful and loud.
In an instant,
Conversations I never imagined,
Spoke loud and vividly.
“I can’t leave my bed today,
Im dreaming of killing myself”
I feel intoxicated,
And nauseous.
I feel unsafe,
And I can see myself
Dipping under the waves.
Send the coast guard,
I can feel my lungs draining.
 Jul 2022
Chuck Kean
Clash Of The Covenants

   I’ve never beat around the bush
There’s nothing I’ve tried to hide
I’ve always been honest even if I
Take a risk our opinions may collide

When it comes to my love of Jesus
I’ve always let it be known
In my heart I know he’s with me
And I’ll never be alone

You might think I’m a Christian
But that’s technically wrong
I’m a man of righteousness
And in reality it’s a new song

Here’s the reason why, I sing
With my excited breath
I’ve been freed from the *******
Of the ministry of death

The ministry of death is the teaching
Of the old covenant of Mosaic law
This teaching is now obsolete and it
Might as well be the Devils Claw

Jesus died and his blood washed our sin
We’re free from trying to be prefect servants
Replacing the old with the new,celebrate the victory Jesus won in Clash Of The Covenants

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/01/2022
All rights reserved
I Re Wrote This and I deleted the other one

Thank you!!!
I’m reading a book with the same title.
What I love about it is the Author explains it clearly and breaks it all down. He’s not saying that we are free to do as we please and everyone goes to Heaven.
No he’s not saying that we can break the laws. What he is saying is that the laws had an original purpose but with them also came the introduction of the sins that we were not to commit. Thou shall not covet being the last one and most important. If thou covets he/she is in temptation to lie steal and **** and if he or she covets the affection of someone other than their own spouse He/ She May also commit Adultery. Coveting leads to all of the other sins. He also states that if you have one law you must abide by all of the laws. Break one and you’ve broken all of them. You cannot pick and choose which laws you wish to obey and which ones you choose to break. The laws were to be obeyed holding the standard of perfection and no human is perfect. The temptation was to much and mankind buckled under the pressure. God saw this to be a huge problem the harder we tried to be perfect the more we became sinful. Adam and Eve had one law. Thou shall not eat of the tree with the forbidden fruit. One temptation from the serpent and the law was broken.
Think of a child being told they cannot have any cookies from the cookie jar and you turn your back for a minute and they get into the jar eat the cookie and you catch them with the evidence upon their face. So God sends his Son Jesus to be sacrificed upon the Cross to take all sin from everyone and I mean everyone if only they believe in him and believe he is the Messiah and except the gift of Grace and salvation.
This frees us from the ******* of the laws and the pressure of perfection and the temptation of breaking the laws.
In turn a righteous person does good naturally with their faith in Jesus he/she doesn’t have any desire to covet lie or steal or ****. It’s complete freedom from any sinful thought and of any pain and it is pure love and it gives us more willingness to love as well. Love thy neighbor as you love yourself, there’s no hate in the soul of someone who has faith in Jesus. It’s really amazing when the light bulb comes on and you can see the light and you can become the light. I’ve never felt so free.
The old covenant of the laws of Moses
(The Commandments)
Were made obsolete and basically useless debris with the new covenant made with the crucifixion of Jesus. Those who believe in me shall have eternal life in Heaven.
Everything I just explained I tried to put in my short poem. Jesus crucifixion was the victory of the Clash of the covenants the new destroying the old. It’s really Beautiful!!! God Bless!!!
 Jul 2022
Chuck Kean
Hard Rain Fallin

    I know you don’t love me anymore
But I don’t know your reasons why
I know I’ll drown without you
I can’t swim in the tears you cry

I know I’m losing you
My life is slowly slipping away
I’m reaching for something to hold on to
My blue sky is turning grey

My heart is breaking
I just wanna scream
I once believed in love
But love is just a dream

Love might as well be just
A Drop of water in an endless sea
A heart even in its mass is just
Broken and useless debris

If you say goodbye
I won’t come back crawlin
I’m not ready for departure and
I’m not ready for the Hard Rain Fallin

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/08/2022
All rights reserved
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