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Cath Williams Aug 2016
Her skin is pale, stained with the scars,
Of a love that she never wanted to call "ours".
So frail it's as if she could easily break,
With the tiniest twitch even a smile may make.
Her delicate body is beauty to some,
But the feelings inside are nothing but numb.
Her feet cannot cope with the weight of herself,
She crumbles to the ground as her body repels.

She is lonely through the day,
Needs friends in her dreams to wash it away.
Her mother will cradle and comfort her, 'til
Her body stops shaking and the pain becomes still.
When she wakes up she will know,
That the love she imagined is just on for show.
Her eyes will not flood as her tears will be dry,
It is not possible now for her to cry.

As she walks up to the ledge,
Her fingers trembling over the edge,
She knows it's not right but it's perfect for her,
To escape now and get away from all of the hurt.
And it's burning but it's nice,
To feel a warmth deeper than cold ice.
She shudders and whispers her final "goodbye,"
Holding on 'til the moment she knows she can't fly.

She was lonely through the day,
Needed friends in her dreams to wash it away.
Her mother would cradle and comfort her, 'til
Her body stopped shaking and the pain became still.
When she woke up she would know,
That the love she imagined was just on for show.
Her eyes would not flood as her tears would be dry,
It is not possible now for her to cry.
Cath Williams Jun 2016
For you, a song that touches your heart.
For you, a book, a literary art.
For you, a family, gentle and kind.
For you, a friend with you on their mind.
For you, a meal fit for a king.
For you, a swan with elegant wings.
For you, a mind and body and soul.
For you, a memory to remember it all.

For you, the world full of radiant life.
For me, a sharp pain in my heart, like a knife.
Cath Williams Jun 2016
The bread tastes drier without you,
The birds have stopped singing.
The sky is a dull shade of blue,
The wind pushing the branches to swinging.

The sun is shining brighter than before,
The colourful flowers blooming.
The thought of it being you I just can't ignore,
Your never-ending love is completely consuming.
A dear friend, gone too soon. You've left an immensely wide-felt impact on the lives of those who loved you as you loved them. We will take care.
Cath Williams May 2016
I'll commit myself to the present age,
And brace myself for the common range
Of emotions that I seem to face,
But day by day I just watch them fade.

I didn't think she'd love you like I would,
Now I know that you think she could
Heal your wounds as you pour out blood,
Then her love pours out just like a flood.

She loves you more than I think you know,
Maybe deep inside, but you won't show
The way you feel about her alone,
It pains me deeply almost to the bone.

The way she looked at you with eyes so warm,
The way her words can calm a storm. Perhaps I'm jealous, I don't know what for,
But there's a feeling inside that I can't ignore.

Just think of me if you're feeling let down,
You know I'll always be around.
So, with love in my heart and thoughts in my head
I know she is better for you instead.
Cath Williams May 2016
Penny was born on a cold Christmas eve,
Her dad then decided it was time to leave.
She grew up with just a mother,
But always longed for a brother.

She moved out at 18 to a flat by herself,
With just enough space for one book on her shelf.
So life passed her by in a lonely haze,
But that changed at the park, when he caught her gaze.

From across the lawn he mouthed her the words
"Wait for me there"
She sat on the bench, patient and fair.
So he ran round the park and fell at her side and said,
"I don't know your name but I want to be true,
My name is Tom and I'd like to know you"

And then just like that she moved in with him,
It came easily to them like ducks learning to swim.
And ten months in she knew it was right,
And these were the words she shared with him that night:

"I'll wait for you there,
In front of our families and all of our friends I promise,
I'll wait for you there,
On our wedding day, please, Thomas?"

She knew it was crazy to think about it,
But the news that followed would scare him a bit.
She followed her proposal with tears in her eyes,
"I'm pregnant and even I am surprised."

The child grew up with a father and mother,
And she vowed she would get him a little brother.
They played in the street, until someone would fall,
She stuck to her promises and always delivered,
Then one day Tom answered his call,
And then she received an email, and shivered.

"As I walk in the door I know something is wrong,
And I fear that I won't be living for long.
There's a man up above who is calling my name,
So listen to the next few words, please Penny, I'll explain.

"I'll wait for you there,
I'm sorry I had to part you this way but please just know that,
I'll wait for you there.
There'll be a place for you right next to my bed,
And don't let your feelings go straight to your head,
I love you so much and my feelings are bare, so one last time,
I'll wait for you there"

Years have gone by now and Penny lives alone,
Every time she moves she let's out a groan.
She can't move her head or stand up or bend,
She knows her time is coming to an end.

In the hospital bed, her eyes shut tight,
She whispers
"It's okay, I'll be with you tonight."
And just like that as quick as a flash,
She was gone.
Holding a note left from Tom.

"I'll wait for you there,
When you're happy and ready to leave this world, I promise,
I'll wait for you there.
When your feet fail you and you struggle to move,
Just hold on because,
I'll wait for you there."
Cath Williams Mar 2016
Looking back we were the real team.
Those memories that we created and dwelled on.
We weren't like the others, we were genuine.
We were forever.
I remember, don't you?

The times you didn't know what to do,
We watched the minutes pass by.
Nobody could stop us.
We were unlimited.
I remember, do you?

Now I realise we were just liars.
We were never going to make it last.
It would be uncanny to think of it like that.
We drifted, unplanned.
What we had was unique.
It's left me with an indescribable feeling.
Loss, loneliness, happiness.
I remember, I wonder if you do too.
Cath Williams Mar 2016
That's what he said,
He ain't a liar.
Of course not, how could he be.

He swayed from the rules.
He ain't a liar.
Just a boy caught in the breeze of his blues.

He played the waiting game.
He ain't a liar.
I guess he was always after the attention.

He loved her.
He ain't a liar.
Leading the way, clearing her path.

He believed in her.
He ain't a liar.
She hoped and longed for him.

He got her killed.
He ain't a liar.
Took her straight down the path to danger.
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