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Earned under great spell of segregation,
With luster grand and blinding glimmers of false hope,
Standing like Trajan over his land, twice the spoils of war.

We must now thwart the hatred,
We must now look our brothers in the skin and decide if we can shoot them in the mouth.

Where lies the liberty in mysticism?
Why is this culture facilitating our schism,
And how now will we draw our party lines, or be done with them for a line in the sand?

Let us not fold in the face of dictatorship.
Cassandra Allen Mar 2016
Song      Song-
Sing sing
Tweet tweeT
      Floodly  Fear intoxicating
systems   are       going            DOwn.

Song Song
      Sung Sung
Silence                        silent……..

sONG Song
Twitch twitch
           angry         convulsions;
leave your flesh bruised
Song           song-
Tweet tweeT
comes                              Another birdy
Don't crush birdy two,                                               Please;
Cassandra Allen Mar 2016
A father always supporting his daughter,
No matter how high she jumped he caught her.
A little girls prince in shinning armor,
He always protects her and is sure to never harm her.
A poem for a very special man in my life; Daddy.
Cassandra Allen Feb 2016
I hear a melody in my head,
A song, and poem with an end.
The end is near as I command.
Left to be read by the living soon to be undead.
My poem,
Oh my song leads only to rotting flesh.
As my word are venom to your bread.
There no meaning just the ramblings of a mad person.
I am so mad, so tired, I sometimes seek death.
My heart shows no ache to the blind,
My voice shows no fear to the deaf,
My trust shows none to the shallow.
For my words are not a peace offering.
No, just the shovel.

The shovel for your grave.
Though I won’t dig,
But you will.
I did not undue you, but I began your undoing.
I feel somber today......
Cassandra Allen Feb 2016
I know of depression.
I know the pain well,
But this this pain is different with the same symptoms.
I feel lost,
My heart aches,
Oh, My mind must stay busy,
for the thought of him will leave me broken.
Sad beyond compare,
Cassandra Allen Jan 2016
I hate that word.
I shall not surrender my body or mind.
I say never!
Cassandra Allen Jan 2016
Sitting in the living area for my weekly home,
We told stories of how we failed doing the one thing everyone told us to,
There is one mentally sickened,
There is one pretty but mistreated,
There is one scared in the face spilling her confidence,
There is one bright as the sun,
She is the one most closely watched,
She is the most cheerful one,
She is the one wearing the bandages,
She is the on with now burnt lungs,
She is the one with the longest day,
She is the one with the baffled family.
She is the one who was the most relentless,
But still she lost,
But she only was five mins from winning.
She has plans to start all over again for others,
The reason she dose anything anymore.
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