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Lee Matvey Jun 28
In a forest,
a young girl and
a man
taking in the beauty of nature.

Atop a fallen tree,
they share a tender kiss
and touch,
a moment sweet and meant to be savoured.

She had never felt
so loved and
he was just
to corrupt her innocence.

He was too old
and she too young,
so when she had her doubts,
He took the opportunity to prey on
more vulnerable
If you relate, I'm sorry.
Lee Matvey Jun 28
A wilted flower,
plucked by a scary black crow,
growing in new dirt.
It's been awhile.
Lee Matvey May 2018
“When we do talk,
it’s uninteresting
and just dumb.”

The feeling is mutual.
not much of a poem, but oh well
Lee Matvey May 2018
I’ve got all my fingers,
The knife goes CHOP CHOP CHOP

If I miss the spaces in between,
My fingers will come off!

Slit, slit, slit, slit, slit, slit, slit,
I’m picking up the speed.

If I miss the spaces in between,
My wrists will surely bleed.
everyone knows the song from the game we played with pencils on a classroom desk. some of us have grown out of it.
Lee Matvey Apr 2018
Your teeth sink into my flesh,
A knot tying in my stomach.
Clothing is lost,
And despite being in my most vulnerable position,
I trust you completely.

The knot ties tighter,
And tighter.
Burning, stinging, throbbing sensations envelop me,
And soon,
The knot of writhing, wriggles snakes unties,
And pure bliss consumes me.
i wrote this quite awhile ago. sorry to anyone expecting a poem from me on thursday, when i usually post.
Lee Matvey Apr 2018
There was no plan.

It just happened.

All at once,
Paroxysms of emotion,
Uncontrollable emotion.

You never crossed my mind,
Nobody did,
Until it was too late.

Lying in the cool bath water,
I told myself that it wouldn’t be long.

The voices on the other side of the door,
Assured me that everything would be the same,
Whether I lived or died.

Against my will,
My stomach flipped,
And the emotions that I swallowed,
Ended up on the floor.

I gave up,
Cleaned up,
And passed out.
On January 13th of this year, I tried to **** myself.
Lee Matvey Mar 2018
My head spins,
As I lie down.

I stare at the ceiling,
Feeling light,

And sick.

Gathering strength,
I lift myself from my bed,
And carry myself to the bathroom.

In the mirror,
I see a whale.

Despite so long of holding back desire and cravings,
What i see is still the same,
And it will never change.
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