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 Jan 2016 RV
17 January 2016
 Jan 2016 RV
You were a mistake
Made of cigarette smoke and smiles.
But then I knew I was lost
When I first saw you
Shrouded in shadows and neon lights.
You tasted like my cigarettes.

You were a mistake.
Made of sharp alcohol and warmth.
And I knew I was lost
When you touched me
And you put your lips to mine.
You tasted like whiskey.

You were a mistake.
But a mistake I'd make over
And over again.
So your lips won't leave mine
And your arms won't leave me cold.
You tasted
Like you were mine.
 Dec 2015 RV
17 December 2015
 Dec 2015 RV
The truth is in your dark eyes.
But your touch
Distracts me.
Your lies are sweeter anyway.
I remember
When you were my ***** secret.
Now I'm yours.
Maybe we deserve to burn
In each other's fires.
What I have is not love.
What you want is not happiness.
We have a passion
That burns and devours.
And soon, we shall
Both be ash.
 Dec 2015 RV
Hey Santa,  I know I'm a little old
But I wanted to write this letter out before it gets too cold
I'm 19 now and my requests have changed
I went from wanting a Red Ryder BB gun, to a batman action figure, to wanting something to sooth my inner rage

But now Mr. Claus, written down on this page
Is what I want this year, no tears if you can't deliver it I'll be okay
I want to have vigor and purpose
Among the people of the world outside of these written verses
I want to have a lust for life that cannot be sated
The kind of burning passion for life that no one cares how it was created
Basically, Santa on Christmas morn
I want to be a kid again, hopefully that won't get stuck in comets horns
 Dec 2015 RV
Amy H
like stars
 Dec 2015 RV
Amy H
Like stars
we rise
we shine
we flicker
we turn
we blaze
we burn
we die
we fall.

We live
with mystery,
but beautiful.
The energy
we show, misunderstood
except by our creation.
Dwarves compressed by pain,
displayed in open sky
where we hide
all but what we think is light.
But life is in the dark
between us all.
Somehow we see
like stars.
Inspired in the moment I remembered those two shooting stars from last night.
 Nov 2015 RV
 Nov 2015 RV
Will I hold your hand in mine
When dreams have fallen into waking?

Perhaps I'll dream of you tonight
And walk with you to the edge
Of the moon and her shadow.
When you wake, remember
The moon dust as we walked.

Perhaps you'll dream of me tonight
And dance with me across the sea
To sing with sirens under sky lights
When I wake I'll remember
The sea foam under our feet.

If I dream alone this night,
I'll have the moon.
I'll have the sea.

If I dream alone tonight,
Will you be there when I wake
in the sunlight?
 Nov 2015 RV
Andrew Switzer
 Nov 2015 RV
Andrew Switzer
My death will be a masterpiece,
Inglorious design,
Tear away the hope for peace,
The loss of all that's mine.
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