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Arturo Hernandez Feb 2016
Saturday Morning -
It's a little cloudy,
It's a little windy.

Text: We're going to get brunch
So get ready.
Thoughts: I'm hungry! It's getting late
and we have to go to a birthday party.
Baby. hurry!

Menu: I can't have anything heavy,
Me and my girlfriend were out yesterday.
To the lady: Strawberry crepes for me, please,
I'll also have a caramel macchiato, and...
Can you add a Perrier? Thanks.

Across the table: What is this moment?
It's not butterflies, there's no knots in my stomach.
I think it's's definitely happiness...
This is straight out of a movie...

No, nothing speacial happened.
It was just a cloudy Saturday morning
But there was enough Sun to hit our window,
And I just couldn't believe
I was living that moment.
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2014
If I made a list of things
I would like to own
It would have
A garden on the roof,
Maybe a pipe that I wouldn't even use,
A collection of every Smiths' record,
A yellow bird that I would call Jules,
I'm not sure,
I could do with a bottle of Perrier right now,
Oh and my own house
Right by the sea.
I don't care about the order
I just know
That right on the top
It would have


— The End —