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 Sep 2018 Apollo Hayden
JL Smith
Tonight, I planned to write of strength,
But as I'm honest to the core
Tonight, I'll share I'm weak
Though I try my best to encourage peace
Tonight, I'll admit there's war within me
And as I wrestle with these words
Tonight, the tears surrender easily,
But maybe there's courage after my fall
Tomorrow, a blank page awaits to inspire and enthrall

© JL Smith
 Apr 2017 Apollo Hayden
through words,
I heal my wounds
by completely exposing them
 Mar 2017 Apollo Hayden
 Mar 2017 Apollo Hayden
The night
so quiet like
a loaf of rising bread
or a letter
to the condemned
while the dead trees
of silence spread
their naked limbs
like a willow by the water
someone's empty bed
all I know
is this universe
is a swarm of stars
and the moon
that ancient stone
burning like a ship
takes my life
on a journey without me
deaf as sleep
cold as the black sea.
 Feb 2017 Apollo Hayden
Old man what are you seeing?
Through those foggy old eyes
When you're smiling at the girls
Do you even realise?
When you walk down the street
And those people you meet
It's not you that they see
But the shell of what you used to be.

Old man what are you seeing?
Through those tired old eyes
When you forget what you were about to say
And you don't remember half of yesterday
When your bones creak
Because your back's weak
It's not you that's there
But the ghost of what you once were

Old man what are you seeing?
Through those wise old eyes
The soul that sailed the ocean
The force life set in motion
The hero when it told
The heat when it was cold
Remember it was you life found
It's for you alone the wheels go round.

© Copyright SE February 2017
Playing with the idea that we are all the centre of our own universe.
 Feb 2017 Apollo Hayden
Ramin Ara
 Feb 2017 Apollo Hayden
It was half past nine,
as I searched for a sign,
hoping that someday
you would become mine.
I gazed at the skyline,
and prayed for the divine,
to send you a countersign
that would detonate the mine.
I'm hoping these words
creep up your spine,
and rest lightly upon
your loving mind.
My darling,
believe me when
I speak these lines,
you are as fine,
as dandelion wine.
 Jan 2017 Apollo Hayden
K Heuston
She burns and drinks it in
She soaks up the sun with her skin
It kisses her hair
Changes her colors
Keeps her warm

Engulfed in a blanket of comfort
She closes her eyes
She is a goddess
A sunrise

Soft Spoken
A wild ******* the run
She flees through the forest
With the heart of a lioness
She has a temptation for danger
An ache to fly away
Taste for a poisonous thrill  

The speed quickens everyday
Soon she'll lift up to the sky
She'll soar high with eager hungry eyes

Her heartbeat canters
She's certain of what she wants
But she must put on armor
A goddess must always guard her heart
Her heart is what carries her soul
And her soul carries his wings
She is the daughter of Icarus
Lover of Apollo
She'll take flight to the sun

When the cold comes she'll die
What is done must be done
No one dares to watch her fly
For she might find Elysium

Yet a goddess knows her place in the sky
She'll never be a victim of her father's lie.
 Jan 2017 Apollo Hayden
K Heuston
It was morning when it found her
Stone cold
Lonely with little hope
And no light to show

But quietly and patiently
Silently and lovingly
Triumphantly and eagerly
Spring gently woke her

She was greeted with gold
New warmth held her close
and whispered to her

You lived!
You survived!
Her time had finally come to arise
To step forward

For the white snow had melted
The bitterness surrendered
The numbness was killed
Her doom and darkness were gone
The winter was over

Her trees blossomed to life
Their leaves kissing the branches
Her flowers bloomed in bright colors
Their petals sweet smelling
Their faces stretching up to the sky  

Her woodland creatures waited
For their story to unfold
It had been told before
That the sun girl would come home

So she arose in all glory
and walked slowly into the light
Its brightness was blissful
Its promise a fulfilling sight

Her heart began its pulse
Her lips turned to a curl
She threw her arms up into the air
In a canter she began her flight

She had known before
That she would be reborn
and the universe was happy
Because the Sun Girl returned
Just an antediluvian,
Stuck between heaven and hell;
Waiting on mine saviors call,
To escape this carousel.

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poet's poetry.
antediluvian: belonging to a time before the great biblical flood.
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