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Apr 6 · 136
not of ghosts
not of height nor tight places

I am afraid
of you.
i am afraid
Mar 3 · 746
our minds
we're alike
that's why I'm scared that you'll turn out to be me
Feb 2 · 394
love is a gamble
and i have a gambling addiction
Dec 2020 · 123
Lies II
Shafira Azzahra Dec 2020
you ****** up my mind
I can't even write my own thoughts
Nov 2020 · 277
Shafira Azzahra Nov 2020
All the things you wanted to hear.
Aug 2020 · 209
Shafira Azzahra Aug 2020
Chain me
But remember, I will break free
Jul 2020 · 509
Shafira Azzahra Jul 2020
i threw out the ring you gave me
goodbye forever
May 2020 · 508
Shafira Azzahra May 2020
I know we'll never end up together
That's the secret from the fortune teller
Apr 2020 · 281
Shafira Azzahra Apr 2020
she threw the ring
and the vow
for the throne
but all he witness was her sin

made himself fell through the crack
forced her to break the window
he let the tears drown her thoughts
as he slips away into thin air
for you
Feb 2020 · 265
Shafira Azzahra Feb 2020
Why does it feels so wrong
When our nose collide
Nov 2019 · 283
the beggining of us
Shafira Azzahra Nov 2019
two souls aligning
other halves colliding
harsh reality
Nov 2019 · 396
Shafira Azzahra Nov 2019
you know I’m complicated
always made you frustrated
you never got wasted
instead love is what you gifted
all about you, compilation
Apr 2019 · 399
Shafira Azzahra Apr 2019
your lips should be called ecstasy.
can't get enough of it
Apr 2019 · 366
Help me
Shafira Azzahra Apr 2019
I'm at the edge of the zone
Push me and I'll fall
I'll be bruised and broken
Push me and I'll fall
I'm in pain
Please push me
screaming inside, push me so I'll fall
Mar 2019 · 496
Dear you
Shafira Azzahra Mar 2019
what do you want?
dear you, dear me, dearly
Feb 2019 · 210
Shafira Azzahra Feb 2019
happiness came at the end of the year
although we are still unclear
i hope you won't disappear
you put me under your spell
and i got no secrets to tell
will i be your one and only?
or am i just another story?
i guess i am.. happy
Oct 2018 · 330
Shafira Azzahra Oct 2018
Never did ask you to break the plate
You came back only to say it was too late
You wound me with your oath
Broken pieces pierced us both
The devil stared at us with its pointy claws
Our different beliefs is the cause
Sep 2018 · 322
Sky High
Shafira Azzahra Sep 2018
we met at sky high
trapped in different cages
associate with unfamiliar faces
while the others were taking their will
you stood still
the sweetness of cotton candy reminds me of you
I met someone new
the one I hoped you'll never knew
now all of our memories are gone
and your eyes still never met mine

— The End —