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Amanda Jun 2017
Days without you measure more to those with you,
The longer you are absent the more hurt there be,
So far from me I can barely reach you,
I read your words trying to believe them,
But they are meaningless,
There is no difference being with or without you,
They are the same.
I know that now.
Amanda May 2017
Each night, thoughts of you catch fire in my mind
Each morning I am haunted by the dreams of you.
Days are more empty and dull without you
Do you miss me, like how much i miss you?
I call out to you but my words fall silent.
Can you hear my tears of hope?
How i wished for so many things with you.
That night is forever burnt in my mind of you, me and the air of the sea.
My heart wont allow me for this to be the end.
So will it?
Amanda May 2017
Forlorn spirit be thy company
Upon a failing desire
Unfulfilled through times demise
A fading fire left in a blackening room
No kindling to restart the flame
Droplets fall from the ceiling like tears
What now do the sears see?
The stones speak, but we do not hear them
And yet the fire continues to burn in a foreshadowing place
Amanda May 2017
Laid upon my bed,
Next to a cold imprint of you,
Your shape, outlayed in pillows,
No two hearts dance in the night,
Only a single heart beating is heard,
The cold air sets the skin to shiver,
The heat of desire absent,
A night so silent,
The clock echos and mocks,
Time should have you by my side,
But alas i lay empty.
Amanda Mar 2017
I miss you,
If only i didnt,
Then my days wouldn't feel so empty
My heart want yours
Though i try not too
Memories of you consume my nights
They sting as the months rolls by
The wanting grows stronger
But i know it is time,
And i have to admit to myself what ive known for so long,
I have to say goodbye,
I have to stop hoping for a day that will never come,
I feel helpless
I should hate you but i cant
I will always miss you,
Im glad i took a chance,
Even though i knew i shouldn't have,
I will remember that night with you for the rest of life.
Goodbye my love.
Maybe the universe will brings us together again.
Amanda Mar 2017
Rest easy my heart, it is not over and the new day has not yet dawned.
Think on what was achieved, rather than what has been lost.
Do not weap for what you are missing.
Think on what is to come, even if you have to wait an eternity.
You are allowed to mourn at your defeats.
But remember the speck of courage and strength that is left, it is your flint and tinder to light your flame once again.
So rest easy my heart.
Amanda Mar 2017
The nights breeze flows through my window.
It kissess my skin as i lay upon my bed.
My thoughts recollect to the night of being blessed with Anam cara, a night mirroring this one.
I yearn for another night like that.
More so a life like that, for having an Anam cara is to be home.
And i so long to be home.
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