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Alice Baker Nov 2016
I find you in hidden places
Woven inside me
Like the stitches of a quilt
I am not whole without your memory
Incomplete with what you left
I have built myself around your absence
But you remain.
Alice Baker Oct 2016
Cover me in chamomile kisses
And lukewarm lullabies
I'll dance in the haze of your eyes
I've cently discovered that chamomile solves most of my problems. Guess I'm late to the party
Alice Baker Jul 2016
Earth to self,
You are not okay.
Please seek help.
Alice Baker Jul 2016
Breathe deeply, stand tall,
For gravity only pulls
When you come back down to earth.
Sorry I've been gone for so long, I'be hit a bit of a word wall and I can't bring myself to write.
Alice Baker May 2016
I am no longer the person I believed myself
To be
I'm not sure I ever was
I keep finding myself in
Unfamiliar spaces
But the strangest place
Is me.
Yeah I don't know who I am or where I'm going
Alice Baker May 2016
Midnight rolls in like a shadow,
Sweet and dark

My eyes are wide,
Thoughts are loud

Sometimes I forget I enjoy sleep
I stay up to hear the night songs

They remind me of
Your warmth

I play your voice over the sound
Of crickets chirping

It is a melody
I cannot forget
Missing him a lot right now
Alice Baker May 2016
The secret to flying is throwing yourself at the ground and missing.
Hum de dum
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