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Kimber Jul 6
ever since you left my heart has felt empty
but somehow the nothingness weighs me down

it weighs me down to my bed and I can't get up in the morning
it weighs me down in my sleep when it corrupts my dreams

you didn't take anything
you just stained it

my heart isn't gone, it's just stained with your touch
it misses you every second
my music isn't gone, it's just stained with your absence,
it all reminds me of you.

my heart feels empty
yet I am so weighed down

when we text and call,
every single time I think that something has changed.
I feel full and free of stains

but the conversation inevitably ends,
and I realize
that I'm nothing more than a hobby
Kimber May 17
honey, please,
help me breathe.
Kimber May 17
Pour on the gasoline
and touch a match to my skin

I love the way it burns.
Kimber May 15
young hands picked dandelions
for their mothers and their fathers.
they pick, and pick, and pick
until a bouquet forms in their hands
because their family deserves
only the brightest, most beautiful of flowers.

young hands tie together the dandelions
to form necklaces and rings,
to form crowns to go along with their bright kingdom,
because there are so many of them,
and because royalty must wear
only the brightest, most beautiful of flowers.

young minds look up to their older cousin
with a crown of flowers and a bouquet held high,
but the older cousin is drowning,
and he has been dulled by the world,
so he throws down the bouquet,
and knocks off the crown.

and you'll cry,
because you wanted to give him
only the brightest, most beautiful of flowers.

the cousin will take away part of your light
to break it to you that dandelions are not flowers;
they are weeds.

and forever after,
the world will be a little bit more dull,
and the yellow will seem less bright,
the smile on your face will shrink a bit more,
the twinkle in your eye will start to fade.

but maybe if you opened your mind again,
you could notice that dandelions are still beautiful.
refuse to let the world take the things you love
and ruin them.
remember that in your young mind,
you once believed that dandelions were
only the brightest, most beautiful of flowers.
Kimber May 11
I wake up with a blue heart
to survive in a yellow world
where everything is always moving
unlike my still feet.

and when I go into a coffee shop
or a school or the parks
I see people who are glowing.
they glow all kinds of colors.

beautiful colors,
like pink,
or purple,
or yellow,
or orange,
all of the brightest colors,
and I watch in awe
because right now,
my heart is only frozen blue.

so sometimes I stay in my mind
and end up going colorblind
and fall into my own black-blue world
because the colors become all too much.
Kimber May 10
the old woman loves her husband so,
even though he hoards but pretends not to know.

the old woman cries quietly at night
because he refuses to listen, he'll only fight.

he'll hoard it all, the smallest of things,
all the while ignoring her cries and her screams,

he has a problem, but he'd never admit it
yet the old woman stands by his side in commitment

she misses her children, they'll never come to visit
because the hoarding is too much and has ruined it,

she wants to bond with her grand kids so much
but when she begs him he just puts up a fuss

she still won't leave him, she'd never think to,
because love is blind and it's too late to undo.

she cries every night and won't leave his side
so they ask her what's wrong, they ask why she hides,
but she won't say that her heart has ached for so long,
instead, that their marriage is going forty years strong.

she tries so hard to be perfect for him every day,
yet he refuses to help her by doing the same

and even though she still wants a "normal life,"
she'll never leave him or stop being his wife.
Kimber May 6
everyone loves things that they already know about

everything is better when it's from the past
    like the songs that you listened to years ago
everything is better when it's familiar
    like your favorite book on the shelf in your room
everyone seems better when you've known each other long
    like your friend that you've had since middle school

2. because new things can be scary

like going on a date for the first time
    and being heartbroken when they don't show up
like traveling alone for the first time
    and getting lost in the airport and missing your flight
like moving out of your parents house for the first time
    and spending the night alone for the first time

3. but sometimes the best things are the ones that we haven't experienced yet.

like hearing a new song song on the radio
    and realizing that you want to have it play at your wedding
like walking into a house for sale
    and realizing that it's the home you've always dreamed of
like talking to a person in a coffeehouse
    and realizing that they are the one missing from your life

;;everyone loves things they already know about because new things can be scary, but sometimes the best things are the ones that we haven't experienced yet.
this is a weird thing but I like it
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