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alcohol goddess Mar 2018
I am taking of all the gold i own.
My bracelet
The one showing that i belong to mother,
My necklaces, those that bound me to my sisters,
And the ring,
In loving memory of my dead father.
I shall hide the tattoo,
The one i got because i wanted to celebrate the family of the ******.
And I'll be mine once again.
I'll belong to myself only
As i once did.
I will be that happy child
For only ten minutes.
Then i shall break my heart again
And shackle it with its gold shackles
alcohol goddess Apr 2016
I loved her.
Not just because it was a sin,
and i was the mother of sinners.
Also because she made me realise that in my life,
it is i who matter the most.
So i took her advice and started loving myself.
But from a far i loved her as well.
She was my muse, my poem.
Also, i was my own muse, my own poem.
thank you baby for making me love myself
alcohol goddess Jan 2016
And the night
before i left home
i had a dream.
I dreamt of a beautiful
little girl,
just out of my womb,
and a strong man
holding my hand.
And together,
we were king and queen
making a kingdom for our little princess.
That was when i knew
that everything will work out,
despite the fact
that i was a mere child of fifteen,
leaving home,
leaving my family.
I was ready to start building a new life,
fit for a queen,
that shall rule alone until her king or queen comes along.
alcohol goddess Jan 2016
I am a *****.
A feminist *****.
And that is what society
and people like you call me.
I don't like you,
i don't like your archaic and patriarchal
way of thought.
But i love you.
Somewhere along the way
i fell in love with you.
Yet we broke up,
despite the big love we shared.
We broke up because there was no respect.
You wanted to be my lover,
my boyfriend and my husband.
I want a partner.
And that means respect.
alcohol goddess Aug 2015
I am searching,
let that be known.
Searching for a lost goddess,
nursing her ***** bottle.
I would recognize her,
even if she looked nothing like herself.
Because she would be
the one with her head held high,
even though she can barely walk.
She would be the one,
whom you thunk knows nothing of pain.
But think again,
or even better,
search for a bottle of ***** marked with red lipstick.
I was absent for some while, searching for myself as the poem says. Finally, i found the goddess.
alcohol goddess Jul 2015
Old lover,
I will wait for you tonight.
You will hear a song,
sung between white sheets,
sing with the voice of past queens.
Yet my voice will be the loudest,
i will be your goddess.
You will scream,
trying to protect yourself
from the rage of a soulless poet.
But it will end.
And then,
you will wake up from your nightmare,
the goddess will be long gone,
you will **** the voices of past queens.
alcohol goddess Jul 2015
I am a gypsy wanderer.
The only home
I have ever known
Is my body.
And I destroy it.
Those like me
Can never have a home.
So I fill my lungs
With cigarette smoke,
My skin with scars
And my blood with *****.
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