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Alaric Moras Nov 2020
You waded through memories
on your throne
All of us look on, smiling,
False courtiers, pretend lovers
To the hag who was queen
Your Tudor eyes crinkle

As you pretend joy
At this false homage
From this worthless court,
All bows and manic grins
shining winter twilight coldly on you

You see Death in their eyes
As once before in your sister's
When her Spanish heart
Sent yours to the Tower

But your head did not roll on its green,
As your mother's once did
For tearing Christendom in two
For daring
To think
That a woman
Could have
A voice

You stroke Queen Anne's jewels
With her fingers,
The ones she gave you
When she loved your father
Despite all it cost the world

We, the victors of the Elizabethean age
Laugh at you, Elizabeth, aged,
****** Queen
Whose lover's letters litter
The back of her tear-stained pillow

When your cold Tudor eyes finally close
And end the dynasty first founded
On a woman's vicious piety,
Know that you,

Liquid eyes
that sunk a Thousand Ships,
Tinkling laughter
that tore men asunder,
Iron fist
that quashed a myriad hopes,
will not be mourned.
Alaric Moras Mar 2018
The memory of my father lies in
The stoop of my shoulders

The inability to hold them up
Is evenly balanced with the push into the small of my back
Leaving me with a queer spinelessness

I learnt to hate myself as I hated him,
In the twist of my arrogant nose
The overwrought hands
And the curve of a jagged smile

But somewhere in between these things I saw
Everything I ever loved
Eyes that spoke of quiet starlight
A jaw that tempered my furious mirth
A peace that babbled
Between each laugh

And so my mirror, forever Janus
Hides in it everything I have ever loved
And everything I try to.
Alaric Moras Aug 2017
But this is also what love looks like
This moment when you
Reach for the stars and know exactly
How many miles separate you from them

And though you paint them on your hands
One galaxy at a time
You know
Even as the paint dries off your fingertips,
That you will not feel as if you cradle
The universe in your arms

- missing, too, is loving
  Aug 2017 Alaric Moras
Joel M Frye
you dare to compare
those who built a nation to
those who would shred it?
All slave owners may have been wrong, but not all were created equal.
Alaric Moras Aug 2017
Say you don't love me, woman
But your eyes speak brighter than
Any green ******* light in any God ****** book

Quote them authors I've never read
Tell me about heartbreak and letting things go gracefully
But though you may think that we're over
I can promise that we've only just begun
- Aries

I have lived
And I have grown
In this garden
And nothing,
Not even the clinking of your anklets
Long after you have gone
Will convince me to leave
Even if this means that my tears
Are what water the jasmine bush
That you so smelt of
Everytime we made love
After the first rain showers
- Taurus

The butterflies have come early this year, I know,
And though you are humming my favourite song
In my grandmother's kitchen this dawn,
I know that it will be someone else doing so when next they swarm
- Gemini

Each day is drenched in memory
From my head to my toes, I still feel your kisses
Drowning the rat tat tat of rains
Against my window

Bombay hides you in it
And I,
Despite all my shallow pride
Cannot seek you out
Because while every breath you breathe
Is stolen from against my chest,
I know that your stone heart will seethe inside me forever
- Cancer

In anguish I shatter the mirror
That once held so much Promise
Because no matter what time of day it is
I can only see your sunset eyes
Reflected in mine
After an afternoon
Of red wine
- Leo

I folded my heart
And put it in your sleeve
And you left it there
Even as I stared at you across the hallway kissing her

Thirty years later
She hands me your first child
And asks me to be Godfather

I smile through heartbreak and remark
On just how much her lips resemble yours
The very rosebuds that kissed me that one night
At 3 am during that sleepover
When I became a man
- Virgo

They buried me
In rolls of fabric
Giggling at my tears
Thinking they were bride's fears
Not knowng that
Even after all this time I hear
Your terrible poetry ringing between
Every toll of my wedding bells.
- Libra

You have said many loud things
As I politely hum our song
While burning your best shirt

I am the witch, the crone, the scorpion hidden
Underneath your sheets, you say,
But through five long years of excellent ***
It was only today you bothered to say
That mummy dearest thought
My skin too dark for a wedding gown

Do not doubt karma, my love
Know that four years from now
As you hold my children (Each the colour of a midnight sky),
It could have been you
And not your brother
That they call 'father.'

- Scorpio

You tired of the chase when you finally knew
That I was running not from you
But into the arms of
A universe I was hell bent on making
With or without
Your stolen kisses on the back of my neck.
- Sagittarius

You held me as I
Splintered against the cruel night
Bones shattering like crystal shards
That slip into the earth's ears.
I'm sorry because
I was never in love with anything but
Your steady hands
That held my sorrows
For this little while
- Capricorn

You were nothing more
And nothing less
Than my favourite idea
But you were not meant to be trapped between
The pages of my bookish heart
And no matter how many times my lips studied
The almonds of your thin fingernails
You were never meant
For me
My bed
This quiet, scholar's nest

So when the universe called
You stood up, packed up your bags, left them behind
And floated on to your next vice.
- Aquarius

Lost in the ever widening oceans of your silence, I succumb and take a deep draught of you.
At last the teapot does not rattle when I serve us evening tea. 
- Pisces
Alaric Moras Jul 2017
I have made a wooden doll of you
Carving into its top
A jagged smile
Just the kind you used to give me
Before you slipped your tongue
To meet mine

Sometimes I dangle it off my knees
Imagining you begging me please
Let go
Let go, don’t tease
Me so
I know, I know

But this isn’t about you
For once

Darling, sweetheart, *******,

This is about my nails digging in
To your splinter belly
Like a month ago
When your wooden sighs
Rocked the prow of my bed
When I thought that the timbre of your moans
Meant I wouldn’t ever be alone

Creature, mine,
Did you know that
Every seven years or so
Every cell of the body replaces itself?
The day will come when, with elation
No part of me
Will know
Your touch

Then is when
I will finally burn you, doll,
In a fire that will light incense
And I will smell you again
New, brand new
As you once were
And never again shall be.
Alaric Moras Jul 2017
I look at you as you crush the daisies
Strewn in the meadow we hardly visit
Still reeking as it were from our first kiss

Your hands carelessly crush the petals
And not my fingers
Above and below us, silence
The moon is the only one who sees
My heart splintering against
Your sleeves

I had a reputation for burning bridges
But you had builder’s hands
Though this night, neither of us know
How to do either

When these plants are long gone
And they find my skull here,
Centuries from now
Reeking of crushed daisies
I wonder whether they will smell you hiding
Beneath the grinning bone

- Love should go **** itself
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