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I long to move away.
From the fighting and the noise,
From the never ending mess,
Of clothes and dishes.
From responsibility and and rules
That restrict my life.

I long to move away.
From the sly stares and the snide comments,
Of the ones who are out to destroy.

I long to move away.
From their skeptical glances
And negative language
Which drives me insane .

I long to move away.
From the mirror;
From the tired eyes that judge me more than any others.
From the stranger that continues to stare back.

I long to move away.
How can you be happy,
When all you do is cry

How can you paint on a smile,
When you're dreading another lonely night

How can you look at yourself,
When all you see is a blur of smudged make up and tired eyes

How can you really show how you feel,
When you're too scared to open your heart

How can you ever move forward in life,
If all you do is concentrate on the past

Maybe if you were in my future I could move on...
How can I do any of these things if all I want to do is to stop, and sleep for a thousand years

I want to smile
I want to be bright
I want to be happy

But how?
Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

How many girls,

have you said that to?

You're always pleading,

saying its true.

Give me one good reason why, I should believe you.
Its a horrible feeling.

It takes hold of your body.

Suffocating almost.

Toying with your mind,

you become someone you're not.

You want blood.

It creeps up your throat,

making you feel sick.

Its cold, thin hands crushing your chest,

causing your heart to ache.

Emotions tangle with anger.

A horrible, treacherous  battle.

Anger always wins. Always.

Then you grow cold.

Its sickening breath rolling over your shoulders and down your spine.

It reminds you of your pain.

And you cant bare it.

The green monster has you by the throat,

and it wont let go.

Its always there.

Like a distorted image in an unnerved puddle,

I cant recall your face.

Happy memories and fleeting times,

fade at a painful, heart wrenching pace.

Your love was suffocating and broken,

its left me bleeding red.

Of all the storms I've weathered,

I couldn't handle you wanting me dead.

Like shattered glass,

the pain is sharp.

tears burn my tired eyes.

But I walk the streets with a smile on my face; and keep the pain inside.
They all persuade you that you’ll be okay,

But where are they when you need them most?

When you choke on insecurities, screams captured in blood and tears; when you drown in the black abyss of your own misery.

You drown alone.

No ‘You’ll be okay’ or ‘it gets better’ can swat away the negative energy that latches onto your every thought.

Isolated. You reach out to those who mean the most to you;

They turn their backs,

They walk away from you.

The fragile pieces that make your body shatter, all energy, thought, light escapes you.

When you walk in the black fog you walk alone.

When you face depression, you stand alone.


— The End —