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  Jan 2018 Afraa
Jethro Nhero Cuizon
From the very first time I saw your smile,
You make my heart beats like I was running a mile.
Even I was just looking at you for a while,
You make every second of it worthwhile .

From the very first time I saw your face,
I know your are the one I'm going to chase.
You gave my life a reason to race.
In the end line, you're the one I'm going to embrace.
  Nov 2017 Afraa
Tiffany Ellison
Everything happens for a reason I guess, so maybe that's why you found solace in the arms of another, and I found my strength at the bottom of a bottle. While pain might be just another drunk text away baby, I love the feeling. And the one thing I cant begin to understand is that if we were so close then why are we now such strangers?
  Mar 2016 Afraa
Elizabeth Snow
You were the stranger with which I fell in love;
You were the emptiness that became my own fulfillment;
You were the outline that absorbed every colour of the spectrum when you spoke to me;
You were the face of a man whose soul became my greatest fascination;
You were the new unexplored place which became my truest home;
You were the one I never knew, but I always loved.
  Jan 2016 Afraa
I have the biggest crush on you and I don't know what to do about it. So I just sit there and admire you from afar, like a love-struck idiot. It's as if I've lost all cognitive ability to formulate any words to say anything to you. *You leave me speechless.
  Dec 2015 Afraa
It's the little things that hurt,
it's the little things that sting.
It's the little things that
tear me apart somewhere
deep within.

It's the memories of my father,
it's the longing for a mother.
It's the loss of those closest to
me - I'll never forget
my grandmother.
It's time that always seems
to stand still until
you realise life passed you by.
It's hard to be brave
when you're buried.
It's hard to be strong
when you cry.

Who are you?
Who am I?
What is my identity -
was I sold a lie?
Will I live
when I die?
My greatest wish
is you and I.
© 2015 Sebastian Glyn
  Dec 2015 Afraa
I love you, yet lack the words to say 
It often seems no matter how I try

I can’t find the proper way to show it 

Did not the rhymes get in the way
and a tear or two fall from my eye

I’d gladly say I love you as a poet

My love grows stronger every day

the sight of you makes my heart sigh
and I need a way to let you know it

Bear with me please, here it goes
since I can’t say it with poetry or prose

I love you, I love you, I love you
nothing more and nothing less

I simply, madly, truly do

Yes, I love you
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