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It is as though these tiles have become my regular audience;
watching another rerun of streaming liquid and jammed breaths.

I have cared for the one's who would not care for me. I always wondered if it was all my fault. Though I was left alone with no reasons so I have decided the mistakes are my own. I could not think of reasons of why people should stay. Why should a fool like me deserved to be loved anyway? I am broken and there's no hope in fixing me. Let people just remember me as part of their history.  But I do hope even though they left, I have once made them happy. For their time was short but it made a difference to me. I hope you understand what you meant to me even though I meant nothing much to you.
In fear of losing people but still being the one who gets left behind so maybe it's me
Why do you
Hurt me why
Do you manipulate
Me why don't
You love me
I gave you
My love but
What you do
Is make me
Scared of you
I don't like
You I am
Tired of you
Hurting me using
Me why don't
You love me
You used me
You used important
Things to get
My attention but
You don't just
Tell me you
Want my attention
I hate that
You used me
You scared me
You scarred me
No one can
Probably heal that
Pain you gave
Me putting up
Walls but what
Will I do
If someone tries
To hurt me
It's unknown
Solitude, oh solitude!
Why are you still around?
Solitude, my loyal friend,
our time now needs to end.
Home is waiting for me.

Solitude, my loyal friend,
here I am again with you,
too weak to achieve
the one thing that I seek.

Solitude, oh solitude!
Why is it so hard?
So afraid to be hurt
I just can't drop my guard.
#solitude #loneliness #melancholy #sad #depth #lonely #alone
I can laugh
Because I have
Known sadness
Oh, my goodness I didn't know it would be this popular. I look at my phone and see 34 new emails. Thanks for reading the poem!
Why is it so hard to speak?
The words that I want
Whenever you are around
I wish I could speak
But suddenly I'm lost for words
It won't come out of my mouth
So all I could to was adore you
Every single day in total silence
I can't find the words whenever you're around but I scream at them all night just so that I could have my tongue tied when I see you
We all want our poems to trend and get views.
But when that is your focus, you're the one who will lose.

Striving for popularity can cause you to lose clarity.
Pulling you down a hole of insularity.

Instead, look ahead!
There are new horizons to be tread!
New poems to bloom happily in your garden bed,
no matter whether they are noticed...or even read!
Written 27 July 2018

Focus on writing a poem more rich with value than all your previous poems.
Take and use my body
As I ride the wave of your lust
I won’t deny you my pleasure
Even though to you I’m just a rush
I understand you don’t want anything serious
You just want me to be your boy toy  
Listen I’m not one to judge
You’re just tired of the frustration
You’ve been a lady for years
Now you want ****** gratification
When you’re done you can tell me to leave
I’m fine with that arrangement
I won’t sit around expecting a phone call
I’m not gonna ruin your boyfriends relation
You can go on with your life
Marry the man give him your heart
He’s the rest of your future
I’m the man of your fantasies
He can fulfill your hopes
But you know I consume your dreams.
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