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Raven Feb 21
Hey little girl,
I know you feel lonely.
I know you're scared,
scared of being left behind.

Sometimes you wish
you could just stop feeling this pain.
Sometimes you wish
you we're stronger.

I know sometimes you wish
you weren't so vulnerable.
But let me tell you one thing:
It's actually one of your strengths.

It's what creates friendships.
If you let someone see your vulnerability
They might show you theirs
and you can learn to trust again.

Carry your sensitivity proudly
it makes you beautiful.
Maybe you'll get hurt,
but you're strong enough to carry on.
Take the chance to feel loved again.

never shut yourself off
no matter how scared you are.
Keep reaching out,
you never know
who's waiting for you.

So no matter what you feel
please don't bottle it up.
Cry as loud as you want to,
be as weak as you want to.
All your feelings are valid,
all of them are important!

I want you to know
that I'll always be here.
I'll be your shoulder to lean on
and i'll soothe you
no matter how weak you feel.

I want you to know
you are safe and loved.
Raven Aug 2020
I thought I was strong
but I had to realize
i'm not.
I'm weak.

Pathetic of me
to think I was welcome here.
It hits me right in the heart,
invisible pain flooding over me.

"Why can't i be stronger?"
I say as i tear myself apart,
cursing my fragile skin,
tears filling up my eyes.

Hiding behind a mask
while i'm drowning in pain
and self-hatred feasts off me.
Bur I won't let you see me cry.

I run to my cage,
at least i'm welcome there.
Am i not enough?
Why is noone happy i'm here?

I thought i was stronger
but my skin is made of paper.
and my heart is getting heavier and heavier.
I sink to the floor,
drowning in tears.
Raven May 2020
Here I am again
trying to make you think
that i am fine
and well I am.
Except for one little thing...
I haven't touched another persons skin
in weeks.
And yes, I feel lonely
even though that loneliness might be more of a skin hunger.
You have no Idea how much I long
for a gentle embrace.
In fact I don't even know it myself.
The feeling is trapped deep inside of me
and I can only feel it
when my walls are crumbeling to pieces
and i am left naked in the dark.
But this feeling has been haunting me for years.
A strange obsession with vulnerability,
I just want to be held and cared for.
I want to be able to show you my naked soul
and I hope you will see the beauty in it.
I hope you will caress me
and soothe the deep longing in my heart.
But I can't even talk about that part of me,
it feels way to vulnerable
so poetry is the only way
to give it a voice.
  Apr 2020 Raven
David Lessard
I used to read your poems
but lately you don't write
you're silent and aloof
you know that isn't right.
You can't close a door once opened
you can't abolish all your dreams
you're a poet of the heart
mustn't fall apart at the seams.
Say what you can in words
they speak the message true
spoken from the heart
the poems will see you through.
A hermit's not your style
a recluse, you are not
never give up writing
of things that you've been taught.
I used to read your poems
I'd read them once again
if you would send them out
(this one's from a poet friend)
  Apr 2020 Raven
my love,
when the lights go out,
i know you get lonely
after midnight.
when your heart spins
round and round,
here comes the revelation,
here comes the kiss
of the one
you've always wanted.
they're all yours now,
but the magic is gone
and the spell is broken.
my love,
i hope you know
that you're still
my favourite person.
when the lights go out,
when your heart
hits the ground
and you fall backwards,
here comes the revelation,
here comes the kiss
of the one
you've always wanted.
they're all yours now,
but the spark is gone
and the spell is broken.
my love,
i know you're tired,
so am i.
when the lights go out,
do you still get lonely
after midnight?
Raven Feb 2020
My vision blurs.
innocent gesture or a threat -
I can't tell annymore.

Your cold fingers
caressing my delicate skin,
my only comfort -
Or so I think.

Each touch makes me weaker
as you close up to me,
guide me to lie in your frigid arms,
it seems so comfortable.
I can't feel my body slowly freezing.

Gently you blindfold me,
shutting out the two faced impressions,
and all the hidden kindness along the way.
Slowly you strip me,
expose my fragility,
and pull me close.
My shelter.

How could i fight free?
I can't let them see me
wrapped up in your icy arms, blindfolded.
I just can't let them see me bare and weak.

But i feel a warm hand stroking my skin.
It rips my blindfold away,
My vision's still blurry
But i can see her smiling at me.
She holds her hand out for me -
Should i take it? I don't know.

She's so warm
and and the warmth feels so good.
Gently she holds my hand
giving me comfort.

I lean towards her
as she carefully pulls me up
And the icy body looses its grip on me.
Finally freed from the icy embrace
I feel so exhausted and fragile
But she pull me up,
Lending me her strength.

She teaches me how to trust again
And i finally realize
There's so much warmth around me,
I just need to keep my eyes open for it.

I know you'll catch up on me,
My icy friend.
I know that sometimes
I will feel your cold embrace
And maybe i will even lean into it,
But I know I won't let you blind me anymore.
Raven Jan 2020
Wrists so thin they could snap,
merely a skeleton covered in skin.
Fed by words she lives on,
hiding in the shadows.

A slender figure
following my every step.
Empty eyes staring at me
piercing through my skin.

The cold radiates from her body
making me shiver.
The smell of disease
invading my senses.

I look at my shadow
as it is changing it's form
morphing into her,
my heart starts racing.
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