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Raven Jul 19
We were beaten,
we were bleading,
we were greaving,
we hit the ground.

Now we feel this sparkle,
this small sparkle of light
dancing deep inside of us,
raising our hope.

We stand on our feet again,
we wipe away our tears.
The moon cures our wounds,
the stars let us dream again.

Our inner light shines bright,
leading us through our pain.
Surrounded by mystery
we step out of the dark mist.

We're not afraid anymore,
we've already seen the darkness.
We're covered in scars
but they make us proud.

We spread our black wings,
and take ourselves into the air.
We're slowly circling higher,
this is the rise of the fallen.
Raven Jun 29
The pain is so deep,
a gaping hole in my chest.
It hurts so much,
even physically,
but I have to be strong!
There will be better times,
I will be stronger after this!
But honestly,
I don't want to be strong anymore.
I want to just fall,
not stand on my own feet anymore.
I feel weak
even though I know I'm not .
I need affection.
I want to be helpless,
carried home by a loving soul.
I feel like a baby crying for its mother,
and I hate it!
Please just let this be over soon.
My raw emotions layed out for you.
This is me
not hidden behind words,
just me.
Raven Jun 17
High levels of cortisol,
limbic system taking control.
All this stress
leaves me a total mess.

So much studying left do
and I still have no clue.
mental breakdown makes weep,
I know i'm not getting any sleep.

I am strained
and my energy is drained.
I've got a headache
and really need a break.
Raven May 16
I want to hold your hand
when you have to walk alone,
I want to validate all the pain
that would have crushed you
had you not turned to stone
and I want to hold you
when you can't take it anymore.
Raven May 7
I need touch
but not of any kind.
I need the gentle one
filled with tenderness and love.
It is so hard to tell
for it means admitting
the ache in my chest
clenching tight.
I need to let myself feel it.
I don't want to get numb,
not again.

I feel so vulnerable.
Like porcellain.
Lying still in silence,
calmly crying tears.
They carry my hurt,
my loneliness.
At the same time
they carry the knowledge
that I am indeed

I am scared,
scared that by telling this
you are going to let me
A fragile child
shattering on the ground.
Rejected once again,
old scars reopening.
It's too much to bear.
It just hurts so much.
lonely once more.

So if i reach out for you
please don't freak out,
I'm not in love
nor am I a stalker
but a part of me is hurting
and i want it to heal.

I need touch,
a tender caress,
the warmth of skin
so comforting.
Please hold me close,
don't let go.
I feel so exposed,
nothing left to hide behind.

Please don't turn away,
I'm standing here,
so insecure,
soul stripped of all armor.

And I'm scared.
It's been a long time since i've written this, but it still feels so real.
Raven May 2
I find myself here again,
I can't seem to get away.
No matter where I go
I always end up here again.

I tried to follow the lights,
I tried to get to the village,
but i'm still stuck here.
This **** forest won't let me go.

All i've accomplished
is lighting up the paths
that lead into nothingness,
the village always in sight,
but always out of reach.

Visitors come and go,
but I can never follow them
back home
as the paths seem to change
and lead me astray.

None of my actions matter,
I may change the forest
but in the end i'm still stuck here.
Am I cursed to roam these paths forever?

What kind of sick game is this?
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