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 Jun 2023 Hamna
Nat Lipstadt
You Are the Texture


~ for all of you,
you, you poet~


is a technique used in painting,
where paint is laid on an area of
the surface thickly, usually thick
enough that the brush or  painting-
knife strokes are visible.

Paint can also be mixed right on
to the canvas. When dry, impasto
provides texture; the paint appears
as if, to be coming out of the canvas.


Cut & Paste

is a technique used in poetry writing,
we refer back to our visions, heard words,
the eyeful, the earful, scents, the reads read,
all in the mind’s palette blended, thickly, but
the merging fused, every word~in~coloration,
it is unique, reincarnation, copying impossible.

The imagery, cut and pasted from thy heart and
soul, upon canvas, your poems~pieces each appear
as you-are-texture, you becoming out of, you, the canvas.



it is not lost on me that the
scars, our words,herein,
we note too frequently, almost casually,
are, can be, the selfsame
for our first and foremost
canvas we utilize,
is ourselves…
our bodies, ourselves
Fri Jun 23
 Apr 2023 Hamna
 Apr 2023 Hamna
The night holds a devious gift
There’s whispers
There’s nightmares
And shadows that shift,

I do feel safe
But not for long
As the nights get longer
The fear grows strong,

Will I be hurt?
Are they out to get me?
I want to feel safe
But paranoia won’t let me.
 May 2022 Hamna
Eshwara Prasad
The stars' awareness of their brightness is analogous to a pearl lying in the ocean being conscious of its value on the land above.
 Apr 2022 Hamna
Shofi Ahmed
The moon sways
down the sun’s half eye
for it every mo
is the elephant is in the room
before the sun zooms out  
deep down from the pi.

Magic is uncracked within
that first light breaks out
dawns in the eternal night
is a shiny tear in the speechless
witness’ open eye,
on the tight lips, deep runner silent pi!

Men on the painstakingly polished circle
may have hewn out riveted eyes.
Up more is set free deep down the pi,
bottom in anew, in open paradise!
 Apr 2022 Hamna
Shofi Ahmed
A hiss of the moon tucking
into just a pair of lock
let alone in pavilion-tresses
on the back of one's eternal silence.
Giving autumn shadows
to seven skies' azure.
What now the stars are gone
followed in their countless galore!

Eyes of the buds ope
dreaming nightingale
hops up to the morning rose  
singing in what a balmy fold.
 Apr 2022 Hamna
Shofi Ahmed
The rose is at the tip of the fingers
the thorn is down the abyss what now
is a golden sun in a dew
hanging on its petal balmy hue!

The nightingale did jump on it  
first thing in the morn
but one seems to know the rose
since the dawning of the dawn!
 Apr 2022 Hamna
David P Carroll
Don’t tell us about Russia’s (alleged) atrocities in Ukraine – until you’ve dealt with 70-plus years of Israeli atrocities in Palestine.
I was on Palestinian TV talking about war crimes.
 Mar 2022 Hamna
It's time to change your living,
time to follow your dreams
Doesn't matter even it requires
passing through all streams.
Steps may falter,
Roads may be steep
But your dreams shouldn't alter
even if you gotta jump or leap.
I know it won't be easy
but it's time to decide.
There'll be people to pull you down
and foxes to mislead you
Turn them away with a tint of frown.
To your dreams you must always be true .
Hope you all are doing good .
Just keep following your dreams .
 Feb 2022 Hamna
David P Carroll
If I could write a love song
About Kashmir and we
All sing along to this
Beautiful love song
Smiling and dancing
And singing about
Beautiful Kashmir and
This beautiful Kashmir
Song we sing dancing
All night long and
Having so much fun
In the Srinagar warm sun
Singing to the sweetest melody's

Singing we love Kashmir
All night long

And my heart beats along
To this beautiful love song
It's so beautiful and so magical
And Kashmir is the place to be
I'm watching the sun
Smiling at me
And the sky is so blue
And little the birds are singing to
And the Kashmir nights they
Shine like diamonds every night
And with all of the love
Inside my beating heart
And we will always be together
Me and Kashmir will never be apart.

David P Carroll.
Beautiful Kashmir Song.
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