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UnitingWriting Jan 2021
Voor de Nederlandse dichters en kunstenaars onder ons: stuur me je instagram account, ik heb zin om nieuwe dingen te lezen 😊. Neem als je wilt ook een kijkje op mijn nieuwe account: @uniting.writing! Ik zie je daar!
UnitingWriting Jun 2020
Do you remember when we were just kids?
When there was nothing in the whole world that we missed?
We would only need each other
and the garden of your mother
Tell me; do you remember this?

Do you still hear our voices when we sang?
Or ever think back to our wildest dreams and plans?
All our talks about this life
and almost everything that comes with it
Tell me; do you remember this?

Of how this world has changed
But I still feel the same

You're the one I want to call
when a piece of me falls out of place
You make a rainy day feel better
'cause there's sunlight in that smile on your face

When we're old and when we're grey
and we're living miles and miles away
You will still be in my heart
And if you'd call me up, you'd hear me say:

Don't you know the day I lose you
is the day I lose a part of me too?
And don't you see that life is special
but it wouldn't be as special without you
UnitingWriting Jun 2020
Oh if it's true that only love can make a home
then why is it, when I'm surrounded, I feel so alone?
And if a set of walls and a roof don't mean a thing
then why is losing it releasing such a heavy storm within?

And He said
Hold on
Don't you let go
Stay strong
Somewhere along this road you'll find a home again.

I'm tired
It feels like everything I once held dear
it slowly fades away
Give me soms quiet
and let the moments turn to memories of those early summer days.
UnitingWriting Mar 2020
Someday I will not need these clothes to feel good
I will not worry ‘bout what I should
Someday I’ll do my best and like what I see
I won’t need special wings to feel free
But someday
Could you not come a little sooner?
Please save this girl before I ruin her
Maybe that you could come today
Oh what I would give
Just to be okay
UnitingWriting Nov 2019
It was on a cool summer night
That I really felt the need
To go some place I didn’t know
And wander on my feet
As I walked along the seaside
With a breeze upon my skin
Some quiet music in my ears
The outside air I breathed in
And what I smelled was like fresh rain
After a month of hot and dry
The world is peaceful when you leave it be
And walk towards
The sky
UnitingWriting Feb 2019
The way you stand
The way you sit
The way you secretly laugh for a bit
You’ve been hurt
You’ve been broken
And yet your heart is wide open
You think no one sees
You think no one cares
But that is really just not fair
Because I see
Because I do
My heart is filled by just looking at you
UnitingWriting Jan 2019
Grab your coat
And take some food
Pick a boat
It’d do you good

Don’t you plan
Your destination
I know you can
But let creation

Take a trip
Inside your mind
And let the ship
Be yours to find
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