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Twalib Mushi Sep 2020
I just wonder
how was it possible?

They took my tender
it was so incredible!

I was the only agenda
this is still unbelievable!

I didn't want to surrender
but here I am, always a sober

With all the propaganda
It was a blunder!
Twalib Mushi Aug 2020
I am a poet
i  do always write
those line passes through my heart.

I am a poet
no clue how this rhythm taste
with the verses stand with two feet
walk and build stanzas as they meet
a very beautiful stanzas and pretty.

I am a poet
feeling so empty
as things may falling apart
sure nobody is really perfect.

I am a poet
living with no regret
as things won't constantly be straight.
Twalib Mushi Aug 2020
The sky was very calm
As the wind blew
with an adorable noises.

And the moonlight
tried to resist
the darkness of the night
While the stars witnessed it.

And those shooting stars
sreaming and  shouting
But nobody  bothered
Even the sun was not
As it was busy
on the other side of the world.
Twalib Mushi Jul 2020
A lot of noise
are knocking inside my head
That bitter noise
slap my hypothalamus
Am out of emotions.
But that better noise
Hit my cerebrum
Trying to convince me
That bitter will getting sweeter.
Twalib Mushi Jul 2020
I took my pen
And I wrote something
Something they will understand
Because of the simple language
I chose.
People of the different age
They will understand.

They tried
to give me penny
I refused.
They tried
to give me
their own pen,
i STILL refused.
They finally decided
To take my pen,
With their power
They said
Nothing is left to be written.
Twalib Mushi Apr 2020
My body
in self isolation
My mind
Out there
How it goes deeply insane
with every tenderness
of your love
Like wind  
Memories travel through my veins
Twalib Mushi Oct 2019
I believe
First sight means something
Yet I insist
First sight is not everything.
That sight
It might be a test
With a very astonishing and sweet taste .
That sight
Maybe a very bad taste
Hurtful and sight of affliction
And misfortune .
That first sight
May also feels like a green light
Very eager to go
As you trust it
That sight full of light
That green light is only a red alert .
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