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Where is my Lil Sister? I saw her walking to school. I hear her silent whispers.  " I'm gone too soon! "
Mom drove to the store, and she didnt return. We still wait like always, with desperate heartburn.

North America and O Canada, No one cares to listen
So to our tribal Matriarchs, we say "Do  nada*."

Auntie walked into the woods, she wanted to get an herb.
Now we go where she stood, she hasnt been seen or heard.
Who took them away and why? We mourn their disappearance.
We ask Mother Earth and Father Sky for our Intertribal quest prominence.

Until they leave no more, and we stomp grass again together,
Our Sacred feminine core, Turtle Island's own precious Flower.
*MMIW = Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women
*Do nada =   "until we meet again" ( no 'good-bye' in Tsalagi ),
Death comes quickly now with deceit
Azrael's swift ****** and repeat
No time even to check his receipts
Where is the forty days' notice?
Covid. the Avatar's fatal diagnosis

Perpetual mourning is our daily hymn
As we dance to the Viral god's rhythm
No end to these incessant chords
Or spiraling treatment algorithms
A requiem for the abundant life force taken
Unceasing cantata from the earth's broken
The dark composition's erratic notes
Orchestrated death, or science hoax?

We don't need fireworks to end the year
But answers and solutions to our fears
Ring the world's religious bells instead
For a shrouded New Years lies ahead

Peace to the departed too soon

Winter 2021
Peace to the too-soon departed...
What is next for US?
Pandemic, Poverty, Hunger, Racism, Insurrection, Nepotism, Strife
America, this was our Land
US is us and the country
We live in the now
The future will take care of itself
The past reminds us how

winter 2021
Life Haiku
You vacated our love holiday
We desired to vibrate as one forever
You abandoned my bruised heart

Winter 2021
Love Haiku
I had a vision of you at my bedside
just checking on me?
I tried to wake but couldn't as you touched my gown
and gazed at my face.
Behind my closed eyelids
I felt your love, that you used to give sporadically.

Because you see in Black & White
And I see in Color.

I phoned you the next morning in the rain,
on my way to care for those dying.
The fight gone from your voice,
and too early to think of all the reasons not to speak with me,
you said I love you too.
I know and knew this to be true
that which keeps us apart is that you see
in Black & White and I see in Color.

I called to say I love you, miss you
here if you need me.
You're my responsibility too.
Although you acknowledge my utterances,
you were afraid to act on them.
Because we know
that you see in Black & White
and I see in Color.

We know this isn't about faith,
really it's because I've always seen in Color
and you in hues of grey.
It was nice to see you at my bed
even if a dream, but isn't it ironic?
Dreaming only in shades of Black & White
When the spectrum of the Highest
Al Khaliq created Color

Winter 2020
Al Khaliq (The Creator)
Leavin' aint always gone
Because your soul cries out in confusion
Cries out in anger's anger
Cries out in protest

Leavin' ain't always gone
It's just harder to seek reason
Harder to make insanity sane
Harder to make the wrong right

Leavin' ain't always gone
Because the loss of life opens pain
Opens the past anxiety
Opens healed over wounds

Leavin' ain't always gone
Just finding a new resonance
Finding a new resistance
Finding its strength in numbers

Cause leavin' ain't always gone
When it's buried

For Trayvon Martin
This was produced from my anxiety upon hearing of a young Black man's ****** in FL USA
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