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Matthew Vargas Sep 2017
"I'm a boy," he mutters away from the others and winced as he looked in a mirror, his reflection not what he wanted.

"I'm a boy," he said quietly, almost ashamed to say as he came out to his best friend.

"I'm a boy." Tears filled his eyes as he announced to his parents, surprised when they accepted him fully.

"I'm a boy." He can proudly say, years after he had kept it all in, he can show who he truly is.
Just a small story of an accepted boy
Matthew Vargas Sep 2017
A soft sigh escapes my lips
My fingers run around across the sheets
Of a springy bed
This home is not a home
As things are thrown
And screaming is heard through the walls
And I can feel my mother crying
And my little sister clutches onto me
Asking me why daddy's mad.
I have to be strong for her
I can't let her know that our father
Isn't all there.
"He's just tired," I tell her
And sing her a lullaby
In small hopes that when she grows,
She won't remember theses days and
That our father will be okay...
Matthew Vargas Sep 2017
That smile isn't real, is it darling?
How you put a front up to impress those around you
How you long for them to love you.
But I can see right through you.
As your mascara runs, was it worth it?
Was it worth all your time, all your effort, sacrificing your identity to please them?
When all along you just wanted to be accepted
So you left your individuality
And fled your beautiful reality
To blend in, well you've done it
You've become one of them.
But you no longer feel free
Oh, darling, is this what you wanted to be?
Just a little something that came to mind while talking to an old friend.
Matthew Vargas Aug 2017
The water is clear
Unlike my mind.
It's murky, foggy, and
as my hand touches the surface,
It ripples.
Breaking the perfection
And I sigh as my face
reflected back to me
How I wish I could be lovely
Like the setting sun
Or the endless oceans
And I feel my face plunge
Forward into the water.
Struggling to breath underwater
The liquid fills my nostrils
And I've drowned
Like Narcissus
But out of self loathing
Rather than unconditional
Not everyone drowns themselves in love
Matthew Vargas Aug 2017
'This is bad,' I think
And in a blink
Your smile fades
To a cold gray
And I swallow hard
As you turn to leave
my backyard
And I want to scream and
find a way,
A way to make you stay.
But you're out of reach
And my heart pounds
To the steps you take
And I feel like I'm going
To break...
Matthew Vargas Aug 2017
I just want to stare at the ceiling
While music blasts into my ears
And colors spill from my ribs
And the world dissolves around me
With the image of who you used to be
Taking control of my mind.
Where did you go, my love?
Matthew Vargas Aug 2017
The closer we get
the farther you seem.
My heart pounds from
my chest,
And you're smiling
that sad smile.
Your eyes twinkle,
my breath hitches
But oh my gods
im falling in love all over again.
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