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Melodie Fowles Apr 2018
Gnarled around
Your rotten core
Flesh and blood
Disintegrating gore

Shambling along
A decaying corpse
Eyes closed tight
Now they no longer work

Each tread endured
Drains your ***** soul
Never once worthy
Never once whole

Your thoughts run so filthy
For that you've always been guilty

So chant along
To the darkness that is night
The darkness that permeates
This stagnant life

Your on a desolate road
To your own destruction
Never able to exist
Without deaths seduction

Stripped of flesh
With every person you encounter
No sense of self worth
So your soul they devour
Your surrender to their torture
Gives them all of your power

Hang your head and take what's due
You know you deserve it
And know it's for you

Savouring the pain
That's stripping you bare
It's all you understand
A demonic affair
Demons possess you
In this unholy lair
Always together
As your life they snared.
Melodie Fowles Mar 2018
My anger is eating me alive
And just the smallest thing
Can set me alight

This glass in my hand
I wanna smash on the floor
Satisfactions what I'll get
When it shatters
In a million pieces or more

When i'm being spoken to
The thoughts that rage in this head
Would be so much better off
Being left unsaid
Or they'd probably start thinking
I need my head read

But I don't need a doctor
Or drugs or a shrink
All I need is a ******* drink.
Melodie Fowles Mar 2018
I didn't sleep again last night
Been 29 hours now but I feel alright

It's so much easier for me to write
When lack of sleep is gripping me tight

My head likes the rhythm of the rhyme
Gotta keep the beat to get the line

The frustration that I feel
When the words in my head aren't ideal

Makes me tense and angry too
I want my words to speak my truth

I scream them from deep down inside
Pull them from my heart and soul with pride

To bring my thoughts on paper to you
They are dark weird and slightly askew.
Melodie Fowles Mar 2018
I am the one
With all the power
And your insatiable hunger
I will devour

Lay you down
Lick and stroke
Slide my tongue
While my hands choke

Your slick body is
For my own personal use
And your corruption
Is my ultimate abuse

I listen to your
Lustful, torturous cries
Drink them in
As I close my eyes

Dripping with sweat
Riding ****** waves
Taking you in
Sick depraved ways

Extracting your gratification
Will be seductively fun
But not until
My own selfish pleasure is won.
Melodie Fowles Mar 2018
I feel empty and alone
I've lost myself
My heart turned to stone

So much is spinning inside my head
Fear, anger, loathing and dread
I've kept it inside
Kept it to myself
When all I need
Is to scream it out

But no one cares
I never get a second thought
So I just keep it to myself
With these emotions
I've always fought

Sick to my stomach everyday
Thinking of all
That is coming my way

Your anger, my pain
Feeling so insignificant
And small every time
I'm not a criminal
You can't blame me for any crime
I've served my sentence
And it was the hardest hill
I've ever had to climb

Even though I've let it go
My stomach lurches
And the pain still shows

The scars inside of me betray
The hold you have on me
To this very day

Why can't you see
What you've done to me
And let me go
So I can fly free

Away from you
Then maybe you could see
That this is my life
And this is my final plea.
Melodie Fowles Feb 2018
If I gave you my smile
Would you give me yours
Run your finger along it
Touch your forehead to mine

If I gave you my hands
Would you give me yours
Hold them gently
Our fingers entwined

If I gave you my body
Would you give me yours
Wrap yourself around me
Till we can no longer be defined

If I gave you my heart
Would you give me yours
Love me with a passion
Of our own design

If I gave you my soul
Would you give me yours
Merge the light and dark of them
So we can't be confined

If I gave you my demons
Would you give me yours
Let them play together
In our strange minds

These are the Ifs that I ask of you...
I only hope you will answer me true.
Melodie Fowles Feb 2018
I'm scared inside
It's there that I hide

From the outside world
Where the pain and sadness collide

I'm safe inside
And It's there that I hide

From the outside world
Where anger and confusion reside

I'm still inside
And It's here that I hide

From all the feelings I can't confide
The feelings I hope in time will subside
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