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I am green and wild
You are blue and vague
And together
We make the earth.

it seems we got it wrong
in reverse
man made god in his own image
 Feb 2016 Grace Turner
So sensuous is this piece of clothing,
Barely covering her bare essentials.
If she lets it fall to the ground,
Visible are her melons so round.
And what to say of her crevices,
Up & down both are so smooth,
Juice-filled they are the milk booth.
I have marked it as explicit.
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Lingerie is pronounced somewhat as \laundjzerie/.

My HP Poem #1023
©Atul Kaushal
 Jan 2016 Grace Turner
Snow flake
Old people were a baby
Babies will be old people
World is like a bus stop
Life is patiently waiting...
 Jan 2016 Grace Turner
the glowing in your eyes rewrites history
 Jan 2016 Grace Turner
 Jan 2016 Grace Turner
You said you needed someone,
So I was there again,
To try and pick up the pieces,
To try and rekindle our flame,
Of a love that was once broken,
Can be reborn again,
Because I loved you I let you go,
But know its time to hold you in my arms again,
As my love for you never went,
And now I hope you feel the same.
 Nov 2015 Grace Turner
 Nov 2015 Grace Turner
I wish I could know if it hurts you too
or not but I guess I never will
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