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Lovelust Nov 2018
You say you want me,
You say you need me,
You want me to have every part of you,
But you push me away,
There I stay,
Just as broken as your heart,
How Long will this last?
Lovelust Jun 2018
I want to tell you,
That you are beautiful,
I want to just pick you up,
and kiss you,
I want to feel,
The beat of your heart,
But I hold myself back,
Because you would never love me.
Lovelust May 2018
I searched for myself,
Inside a bottle,
What came out,
Was something I couldn't face.

I drink to lose myself,
To find a way out from this pain,
But the pain keeps coming back,
And my souls not the same.

So pour me a double,
And watch me sink,
Because life isn't fun,
So hand me a drink.
Lovelust May 2018
I can't walk out the door,
It just feels too good to stay,
One more hit,
One more drink,
One more drag.

But if I step away again,
what'll that achieve,
It won't make me happy,
So I go round in circles,
no better than a dog.

So watch me fall,
And see if I can get up again.
Lovelust Jul 2017
I Can't tell anymore,
If I am awake,
Or if I'm stuck in a dream,
I've got friends,
But I'm alone,
I'm enjoying myself,
But I'm sad,
When I get into things,
I'm go all in,
But some times,
It was never worth the risk,
I hate you,
I love you,
I'd be nothing without you,
But would I be,
If there are plenty of fish in the sea,
how significant is you and me,
There are different places we could be,
But girl you can't keep lying  to yourself,
Can't you see the effect it has on your health,
Waiting and see isn't an option for me,
I wish you could see,
But I've realized you are blind,
Just like me.
Lovelust Jun 2017
It's funny,
How one moment,
Can change everything,
And have a lasting impact,
On your relationships with people,
It's stupid.
Lovelust May 2017
I got faded,
So I could take a step back,
To realise what I'm doing,
To see how I truly feel.

In your darkest moments,
It's hard to see any light,
But when that sun rises,
Some pain seems to go away.

So whenever I'm down,
I'll look for my next sunrise to pick me up.
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