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  Jan 2016 Snow flake
Max Jonas
I feel you into water
I feel you into air
In unknown a time of process
I want to be with you.

I do everything for you
Just gain your love with you
But you left your behind nothing
Because you are not worthing.
  Jan 2016 Snow flake
Max Jonas
I had dreamed such a world,
Being without you can be possible.
Every passing day, I miss her more and more. Goodbye my honey.
  Jan 2016 Snow flake
Max Jonas
Life is a huge prison,
My imagination endless as much as universe,
But you are unreachable still.
Snow flake Jan 2016
Rocking chair
A comfortable seat
Turkish tea or strong coffee
Burning fireplace
Decorated wooden hut
Future wife
Snowy night
A rifle on the wall
Classic music
Wool blanket
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Ilya Repin's picture's
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Cold places
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