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gabriela Jun 2018
as our lips met, I felt a singe;
a singe I wished to feel time after time again.
I craved his presence,
I lusted for him warmth,
and dreamt of embers being spewed into the air,
longing for the day that we will kiss again and create a wildfire.
gabriela Sep 2017
lilac child, you seed of gold
rays of sun will kiss your body til old
admire your lover whole as streams roll down your face
of a beauty brighter than the sun
a field of freckles blossom with grace
inspired by a drawing I came across in a magazine.
gabriela Sep 2017
the fire-kissed leaves drift
onto the cheek of the earth
like embers of life
gabriela May 2017
there was a delicate way his tongue touched the roof of his mouth when he spoke
and there was a deep earthy shade of brown in his eyes
and there was serenity in the way his fingers loved the piano

but he spit venom as he spoke of lies and pity
and the earth shook with rage and bitterness  
and his fingers clawed right across my back
that I will now bleed the brightest of reds and heal with ease
gabriela Oct 2016
galaxies for your eyes, stars for your lips;
o starship, I'll blast off to the galaxies, and let gravity sweep me off my feet
o starship, I'll brush lightly by the radiance of the stars, and I'll find the crescent of the moon
gabriela Mar 2016
no celestial body
nor the silver lining of a solar eclipse
will ever compare
to the beauty of the curve of your lips
today has been really weird
gabriela Mar 2016
the sea shines through the waves that overlap the adoration for the moon
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