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Grace Turner May 2017
You told me
That you didn't want to have to dissociate
From me,
From my irrationality,
From my emotions.
I think that would have hurt me,
A lot,
If i had let it.
As it so happens,
Out of spite,
Im going to do it to you.
Possibly one of the cruelest things you say to me
  Dec 2016 Grace Turner
i am the earth and you are the sun,
when you're around i radiate
Grace Turner Jul 2016
There are not the right words,
aren't enough words
To describe
just how much
I need to be hurt by you,
That I might tie you down,
And make you beg.
The sweet justice that can only be accomplished in a ****** up bed.
Grace Turner Jul 2016
Motivate me to become a diffusion of blood in the sky of your happiest nightmares.
Grace Turner Jun 2016
I'm sitting here,
I've been sitting here,
For hours.
Clicking and tapping;
Messaging all these people,
In the hopes I'll feel connected.

**** this.

*I want to be held.
Grace Turner Jun 2016
I've probably been lying about every single emotion I've had in the last couple of weeks, but it actually makes life easier than the alternative, *feeling.
Grace Turner Mar 2016
I am tired of being away
From the beauty of you.
Your little moans and sighs
In your sleep,
Or your rather big moans
And sighs as I touch you,
And ***** you.
Your giggles and snuggles
And the bickering.
I am so in love with you.
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