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LN Sep 2019
Happy moments
And Crazy lives ,
Cheerful days
And never ending nights,
Glittery eyes
And painted skies.

I hold onto them as strong as I can
I hold onto the skies and the friends and the man
For I know when I'll no longer see the dark
This all will fade away
Nd there won't even be a mark.
Dreams and fantasies make me a different person...... And when they break...... I come back to my bruised self to cry.
LN Jul 2019
crazy as it may sound
but I can still feel you around.

pineapples still remind me of your smell
making me wonder whether you went to heaven or hell...
it must be hell.
for we've been partners in crime
and love criminals don't deserve to die prime.

oceans still mind me of your eyes
which were the same color as the morning skies,
the skies we used to stare at for hours,
the skies you live in now as one of the zillion stars,

and now there are just memories I hold on to
and a void in my life that can be filled by only you.
you left this world,
you left me behind,
and now I have one less friend
who was one of a kind.
a friend lost is no less than losing a piece of one's soul
LN Jul 2019
Sometimes I wish I was born as a boy
my late-night strolls wouldn't be seen as coy.
Sometimes I wish I was born as a boy
at least I wouldn't be reduced to a mere toy.

Sometimes I wish wasn't born as a female
my life story would have been a tellable tale.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't born as a female
my journey wouldn't have been filled with storms and hail.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't born at all
coz there nothing I hate more than being a life-size doll.
LN Jun 2019
things can be different
from different point of views.
the same sceneries can be dull
or they can be filled with hues.

the flickering flame can burn
or the flame can be warm.
the water can quench thirst
or the water can bring storm.

we don't have to think alike,
we don't have to be the same.
for some people my words could mean
and for some they could be lame.
I see a world where everyone bleed feelings into everything they do
you might see it as a labyrinth  of forgotten people.

if we are not different then, who are we?
  Jun 2019 LN
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you

But the roses are wilted
The violets are dead
The sugar bowl is empty
And my wrists are stained red
AND BEHOLD!! A thing
  Jun 2019 LN
Mystic Ink Plus
Don't stare at me

If I stare
The same way
The very next moment
You will be
Turned into
A Poetry

Remember that
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Inspiring vibes
Author's Note: Then he/she started to stare at images, after the warn.
LN Jun 2019
...If you like me or not
Your liking won't change me this time.

I've been changed once.
I won't change again
To commit the same crime of loving you
(edit: note added to the poem)
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