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Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2019
Don't stare at me

If I stare
The same way
The very next moment
You will be
Turned into
A Poetry

Remember that
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Inspiring vibes
Author's Note: Then he/she started to stare at images, after the warn.
Jenny Gordon Mar 2019
I was, too.


Let's see...rain draws up silver puddles' tale
Of being upon the blacktop, where suspense
Is fast asleep cuz Sunday augured thence
Mair calm than it could e'er endure, the pale
Eye of uncertain hours with half a frail
Thought dawn played hooky for all that, a sense
None can e'en yawn worn out as sheer pretense
Was quite arraigned in morn's half light:  sans bail.
I roll words 'cross my tongue at lunch as twere,
And sparrows take the chance to gaily cue
Fond smiles til conversation rules in tour.
Now's time to put on rice to boil anew,
Warm refried beans for dinner, lo, bestir
Me fin'lly to jot down a note...where to?

Sunday, ah....if you had any questions, please refer them to the front desk whose secretary is allus absent by definition.
I think
Good sense is shown
More in the ability
To avoid pain
In the mere
Desire to do so

— The End —