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  Aug 2017 Kayla Behm

If kisses were free

I would take a bunch to satisfy my need

for a touch of skin and the shape of hips

tight against my body,

because there is nobody

that could quench my thirst for a taste of lips

if I wanted you when so far away

and only in dreams I may

hold you in my arms to satisfy my need.

“You need something," he said, and when I stared at him, he added, "Your face."
"My face?"
"It's in need of my kisses.”
― Jennifer L. Armentrout, White Hot Kiss
Kayla Behm Jun 2016
Butterflies dance around
Creating fate ever so
Even with the screaming sound

As if we are spellbound
We are all actors in a show
Butterflies dance around

They have our fate aground
It cannot be changed, oh-no
Even with the screaming sound

No control on the battleground
Best to lay as a willow
Butterflies dance around

Memories with us turn brown
People always come and go
Even with the screaming sound

Life is never fully bound
Have faith in will even though
Butterflies dance around
Even with the screaming sound.
My theme was simply that our past is what creates and determines who we are today. If our past were to change in anyway way, we would be different people than the ones who stand here.
Kayla Behm Jul 2015
We had dreams...
We had plans...
We had ideas...
We had us.

You had different dreams,
And different plans,
And different ideas,
About us.

I'm left with my dreams,
My broken plans,
My saddened ideas,
**The thought of us.
My boyfriend broke up with me this past week so here's to him.
Kayla Behm Jun 2015
I walk but no one sees me.
I talk but no one hears me.
I love but no one loves me.
I hurt but no one saves me.

I hope my dreams won't come true,
because all my dreams are nightmares.

People use me and call me a friend.
People hate me and don't even know me.

There is only one thing left to do.
My time here is slowly expiring.
I need to leave and the only way is to ---

"Hi" ...My first smile
Kayla Behm Feb 2015
"You're young," they say.
"You have the world ahead of you," they say.
"You don't have to plan your life right now," they say.
Are they right?

"It's a big world out there," Mother says.
"There's unlimited choices for you," Mother says.
"You can do anything you want," Mother says.
Is Mother right?

"You're so smart," Father says.
"You can be whatever you want," Father says.
"You will be amazing in whatever you do," Father says.
Is Father right?

Society says, "You're just average."
Society says, "You have to try harder."
Society says, "You're nothing special."
Is Society right?
I'm in high school currently and the stress to pick a major for college and how that major will effect what you do later in life---it's very stressful.
Kayla Behm Jan 2015
Friends are important,
That's no doubt of mine
Whenever you're down,
They'll try to make you shine.

But friends can't always be there,
And family isn't always around.
So where do I turn,
When I want to be safe and sound.

My mind starts to wonder,
When I'm alone with just me.
What if I did something wrong,
My thoughts won't ever let me be.

Soon I'll realize,
I've worried for nothing.
My friends are always here,
Because we truly have something.
This is to all my friends who have always had my back no matter what.
Kayla Behm Dec 2014
My love for you,
is so strong,
is so magnificent,
is so different.
All the words in the world,
I can't express my love.

The grace of a horse,
The beauty of a diamond,
The passion of a rose,
The length of the universe.
My love for you is a combination,
in which it is hard to describe.

Only love,
Only loyalty,
Only you,
Only me,
Only us,
Only we.
To: My Love <3
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