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 Nov 2020 Katinka
Krizel Grace
She's written with crimson red blood,
Unceasingly flowing
From her invisible cuts.

Dressed with carefully picked enthralling wordsー
Seemingly fitting, seemingly perfect
But as you read between the lines,
You'll be wrapped with her gloomy wilting vines.

She could either be a riddle
And leave you bewildered,
Or she could be an answer
And shed light upon you.

For she's a sad poem
But beautifully written.

 Nov 2020 Katinka
Der Schwur
 Nov 2020 Katinka
Ich schwöre bei meiner Möhre,
dass ich nur dir gehöre.
 May 2020 Katinka
 May 2020 Katinka
She is but a dream;
a dream that would not fade,
even long after waking up.
And will remain a dream.

A meager attempt after a long break.
 Apr 2020 Katinka
Chloe B
 Apr 2020 Katinka
Chloe B
red wrists,
fresh blood.
God won't be able
to save everyone.
 Mar 2020 Katinka
eva-mae coffey
I am tired of trying
The old you can’t be cloned
I am sick of crying
And watching you get ******
I am through with lying
Oh, I heard you when you groaned
I am not replying.

I am done with darling
The sweetness has been framed
and it’s quite alarming
To see what has decayed.
 Mar 2020 Katinka
 Mar 2020 Katinka
i dropped the candle
the flame didn't go out
i guess i'll watch
your pretty art burn down
i guess i could call it revenge
let's have a moment of silence because we know we're gonna end
darling it's inevitable
there goes the cherry wood table
burn it down
you said to me
trust me i'll keep it burning
for eternity
your world is in flames
not my fault
that you've never felt ashamed
of anything but me
go climb a tree
and trust me when i tell you
i'll burn that down too
 Mar 2020 Katinka
escape with yourself
your demons
and carry with- your gods
Excerpts from Pillows & Records “Memories of an old friend” by tma_rtin
 Jan 2020 Katinka
 Jan 2020 Katinka
Learn to listen,                                                                                    I listen,
Learn to speak,                                                                                   I speak,
Learn to resist,                                                                                    I resist,
Learn to admit you're weak,                                                      I am weak.

Learn to accept,                                                                                 I accept,
Learn to dream,                                                                                 I dream,
Learn to fight,                                                                                       I fight,
Learn to scream.                                                                               I scream.

Learn to appreciate,                                                                   I appreciate,
Learn to think,                                                                                     I think,
Learn to swim,                                                                                    I swim,
Learn to sink.                                                                                         I sink.

Learn to hurt,                                                                                        I hurt,
Learn to fly,                                                                                               I fly,
Learn to breathe,                                                                             I breathe,
Learn to cry.                                                                                             I cry.

Learn to forget,                                                                                  I forget,
Learn to be tough,                                                                       I am tough,
Learn to miss,                                                                                       I miss,
Learn to love.                                                                                        I love.

Learn to stand,                                                                                   I stand,
Learn to fall,                                                                                           I fall,
Learn to cope,                                                                                      I cope,
Learn to call.                                                                                          I call.

For                                                                                                             Help
I'm trying to move on from my former self.
There’s a difference between waiting, and being patient. I’ve been doin a lil bit a both but I guarantee you now, I’m done waiting. I’m going after .. just being patient.
Learn the difference between being patient and being lazy.
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