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Chloe B Nov 2018
I am who I am because of my drunken word “no” and his hands. I am who I am because they tell me I will never be good enough. I am who I am because when I watched her bleed in the hospital I told myself that this is not how I wanted to die.
Chloe B Sep 2018
I miss you
Chloe B Aug 2018
I was never warned about the beautiful girl I would one day meet.
I wish I knew that she would sweep my off my feet.
Her smile her eyes everything feels so right.
Whether she is my soulmate as a lover or friend.
I want her in my life forever.
Chloe B Mar 2018
Open my eyes and I only see lies;
Open my eyes in the morning, where are the butterflies?
Open my eyes and I only see light;
Open my eyes in the night, where did the day go?
Chloe B Mar 2018
I'm your ***** little secret
You talk to me as if I still mean something
In person you barley throw me as much as a glance
One would never know how I touched you
How you told me that I was special
How you kissed my body
One would never know how you left me alone
All by myself to walk back to my car in the dark
You wanted to be with your friends partying
You never really cared for me anyway
Chloe B Feb 2018
I see his face every night before I go to bed.
That’s why I’m so tired. I can’t sleep because the nightmares make me toss and turn. I just want it to go away; I want my memory erased.
Chloe B Jan 2018
When you told me it was over I still had hope
I had no idea that it was the end of something that just got started

When you told me it was over I felt my stomach cave in
I felt a sword slide through my chest

When you told me it was over I cried
I collapsed as I read a text message where you said why

It took months to recover from your electronic words
Finally today I have erased you from my life

No longer do I hold onto the words that you have said
How you loved my eyes and that we should lay together in bed

You said that you felt warm, calm and safe when you were in my arms
So why did you ever leave them and go out into the scary world

Why did you go and hurt me just because you were hurting
Yes put yourself first, but there are nicer ways to say goodbye

Cold glances from across a room of silence was all I got
But today I burned the house you build in my head I tore it to shreds

You took how good I was to you for granted
Buying you random gifts and opening the car door

Just know you might never find someone like me again
Someone who would only ever support you and hold your hand
All I wanted to ever do was hold your ******* hand
Was it that hard to believe that someone could love you

Was it hard because you are so broken
I was the glue, but you didn’t know that I was strong enough to hold you together

All I ever wanted was for you to open up
And all you ever did was shut me down and close me up

Out of order
Out of service

When I got very sick you weren’t there
When you were upset I was always there

You claim to be so caring, but it’s all in your head
You don’t know the first thing about love and what a shame I said

If you did you would have noticed the scars on my arms
And the bruises all over my body

You would have seen how my smile fades so quick
And heard all the fake laughs

All you cared about was yourself
So thank you for leaving me

I hope you get better soon
I hope you learn to treat your next girlfriend with love and respect
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