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Elena Murphy Jan 29
The waters are dark around me
im trying to fiind the light
Im trying to reach the top
So i can breathe
So I can see clearly
I am deep, so deep under
So wrapped up, in this current
So naive, I knew it
Im kicking, im trying hard
Hard to understand how,
How i let you get me so down.
So deep into my own head
But only able to breathe in your world
Only able to try and be everything, you could need.
The waters are dark around me.
The problems are over whelming and im stuck under.
Im trying to find the light
Im trying to reach the top.
I need to breathe.
Breathe in my own world. Be everything I need to be....for me
Elena Murphy Dec 2018
Your touching me again, every time it still feels new. You have me trembling,& gripping sheets.
Your hand is only caressing my thigh & ***, yet you have me gasping & clenching my knees.
Your hand moves up my side, you caresses my soft *******, to the ****** a light squeeze.
My mind is racing, thinking please, please don't stop, & do it a little harder for me?
I know how this will go, but my body isn't done feeling your touch.
Every inch of me is waiting to feel your love.
Now I feel you ******, oh it always feels so good. It can't last long enough, I don't think it ever could.
A thousand hours at once, couldn't be enough of you.
My body aches for more,pleasure from you I can't ignore. My body & mind cherish moments that you touch me.
You keep them so rare, my thoughts of them, make my heart sore. My chest freezes and tightens.
I can't wait to feel your touch again.
Elena Murphy Dec 2018
What makes you feel lonely, lost in a dark place? What is making you feel trapped, that you feel you can't escape?  What is it you don't have, that you feel that you need? Or is everything okay, you just feel you can't breathe?
Is it worth the pain & guilt it brings you in the end?  We all love you, not that awful friend, pushing all this evilness into your head.
How long does it make you happy& feel free from the pain?
Is that what it is, pain that your dealing with?
what is causing you to do this? All my questions, forever unanswered.  Maybe one day they'll be heard. Youll have a clear mind & the answers to them all.
Elena Murphy Nov 2018
Everyone says they have the blues.
But no one has had them, like I have.
Its blue skies outside, but inside my mind is mad.
Sun Rays are shining on you, where there are dark clouds covering mine.
And it seems as if there has been a pause in time, I'm just trying to get by .
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