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Like a butterfly,
I first saw her under the summer skies,
As like a butterfly–
She's beautiful, wondrous, divine,
And sometimes, from time to time (like a butterfly)
The thought of her flutters through my mind,
With it being every time I see her eye to eye,
All I ever feel are butterflies
Life is a lifelong
Balancing act
Time that's wasted
Never comes back
But hear my quandary
It's really quite queer
What happens when my job
Conflicts with my career?
What happens when my schooling
Disrupts my education?
When federal government policies
Keep me from graduation?
What happens when my GPA
Keeps me out of universities?
What happens when what I need to do
Conflicts with my responsibilities?
 Oct 2017 Cat Fiske
My Love.
 Oct 2017 Cat Fiske
I miss your voice the most.
it brought me this indescribable happiness,
so pure, so honest.

Please Forgive Me
I Forgive You
I Love You
Thank You

We are told to say this to a dying loved one.
Its been burned in my mind.

Please Forgive Me
I Forgive You
I Love You
Thank You

I gave you my heart, my soul,
my body and my mind.
You gave me hope, love,
completion and purpose.

Please Forgive Me
I Forgive You
I Love You
Thank You

For the first time in my life I couldn't
wait to go to sleep once I got home,
not because i was lazy
or due to lack of sleep.
Something wonderful and amazing happened to me.

I didn't have to hide in my mind,
dreams couldn't, wouldn't, compare to reality.

I was exited to be alive,
every morning id leap out of bed and whisper your name under my breath.

Please Forgive Me
I Forgive You
I Love You
Thank You

I've lost everyone, and everything
that meant something to me.
I'm getting closer to death.

Please Forgive Me
I Forgive You
I Love You
Thank You
I hope to see you soon.
I don't want to live anymore.
 Oct 2016 Cat Fiske
 Oct 2016 Cat Fiske
i am the shattered glass, cold on the ***** floor
swept and disposed of because i can't be used anymore.
my pieces are scattered, ruined and cracked, unable to be fixed, unable to revert to intact.
i am a tainted shard, scratching and severing all that i touch
with jagged edges, i seem to pierce and graze the ones that i love.
pieces of me have dispersed left and right, pieces of me that i cannot retrieve nor can i rectify.
and after you swept me off of the cold, ***** floor
you simply selected another glass, so you could break it once more.
 Oct 2016 Cat Fiske
 Oct 2016 Cat Fiske
Take me away
driver man
go as far
as my wallet
will allow
so at least
to the next neighborhood
I hear their lawns
are as green as emeralds.
polished emeralds
at that
 Sep 2016 Cat Fiske
Pieces XX
 Sep 2016 Cat Fiske
If I could just let go of everything, I would be comfortable, here in my hole.

Gramercy, it hast been one year now, one year of smiles, laugh's, cry's; growing together, growing
Wing's in ourn flight.


Fain I am, to seest thee at night, slumbering as a newborn, queen
Of orbiting light's, woman of mine
Insight; sagittiferous to mine
Burden's of life.


Let me clear away that vultuous countenance mine girl.


We art namelings, with ourn letter's hewed into the highest realm, noscible to the Angel's; we
We're recorded on God's


Perantique we art, as we battle the being's that fell, they've broken their iron locked doorway's; to make their way out of hell.


Stand close to mine side, I canst heareth those wedding Bell's, I canst feeleth the earth to swell, as the labor pain's art now.


This place shalt sway and moan, like a drunkard without a home, the living in Christ shalt rise; with the dead already rose, silver an treasures shalt come to naught,
Home good's and store bought,
For men won't grasp their own
Thought's; as the misfortune
Cometh upon them. Lover's wilt
Love themselves, they'll seeketh life
In the devil's Lip's; for the lies he speaks art quick, powerful,
Deceiving, cunning.


Look on high mine Jane, ourn lord is coming, the globe is spinning to the drum of celestial prophecy;

None stopping wilt be, yet we art free, a king and queen with a heavenly home, with mansion's
To roam, streets followed with
Gold, with like-minded souls;
Awaiting ourn entrance.

This one year wilt lead
To an eternal precipice,
In which we shan't miss,
As all wilt take focus;

For we hath life, mine Jane
Ourn hope is this;

One son of God
Who goes by the name
Jesus; ourn hope and ourn
Reason even more to be one,
To showeth another and all
The Savior's dying love, and in him
Salvation alone, fret not mine lass, soon we shalt go home, soon all ourn waiting wilt be gone, and ourn hand's shalt hold.

Two spirit's to be;
One love,
One soul.

look up
Look up

The time is now close......

©Brandon Nagley
©Earl Jane sardua Nagley dedication ( agapi mou)
© Lonesome poets poetry
Gramercy - means ( an expression of gratitude.
Hast- has.
Fain- happy, pleased.
Seest- see.
Mine -my.
sagittiferous- bearing arrows....
vultuous- sad.
Countenance- face, ****** expression.
Art - are.
Canst- can
Heareth- hear.
namelings- people with same names.
Ourn- our
Hew, hewed, - cut or chop...
noscible- knowable, well known.
perantique- very antique or ancient .
Naught- nothing.
Hath- have.

Happy one year late poem anniversary my Jane lol so hard to make poem on this phone so used to using tablet, wanted this anniversary poem to have more meaning and real truth in it .. not just a message for my love for you, but for all to know what's coming if many only knew they'd take life a little more serious an what's coming to this world very soon... I love you my queen as I forever will my soulmate best friend, queen, love, angel my all.....

Mas mahal Kita my dearest Jane.....

Me an Jane's one year anniversary was august ninth lol yet tabs been not working so can't write much yet sadly. Thanks to anyone reading....
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