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AK93 Jun 2019
It's been a long time since the last time that I put this pen to paper, to pour out the pieces of my heart that get caught in my throat. And now I'm writing you this letter but addressing it to your ghost, because even though you still exist in my head, the you that i used to know is most definitely dead. I miss the days where we'd sit in my car, and look out across the bay and wonder how far we could swim, and that's a lot like how I used to look at me and you, always wondering whether or not the love you showed for me was true, but it seems that I've lost sight everything you, because all that I see is that I want nothing more to do with the past. Oh god i hope that i can make this feeling last. I know I said I'd always love you, and that much is true, but I can't stand the fact the you don't love me too, so I gotta get away before the feeling tears me in two.
AK93 May 2019
Hippie van, pew pew pew
In the shed, bonnnnnggggg
In the garage, dance contest
Just a few memories of you, which will now never be forgotten, now that you are gone
AK93 May 2019
Parking lots
Dead end signs
Endless texts and facebook messages
All to tell me that I'd never be one of your exes
Because you'd never give me an honest chance to show you what I know about romance
Even though you sometimes considered the part as soon as we started launching the spaceship fell apart
We never made it past the atmosphere
Held down by the gravity of fear
Maybe I should call elon musk
See if he has any idea what's up
With the lack of progress in our mission to space
And if we'll ever see the result we aimed to create
Because I still dream of galaxies and supernovas with you by my side
But if I'm being honest I believe the light from this star we wished on has long since died
AK93 Apr 2019
I want to forget right now
I want to let go of everything
I don't want to talk to you and i don't want to hear you sing
Another song about how you can't find love and how the world just *****
I'm so sick of your misery
And the way that you never see
The damage your choices inflict on me
AK93 Apr 2019
It's hard to feel whole when the hand that you want to hold until you grow old decides that it would rather be cold than to take on the burden of loving your soul
AK93 Apr 2019
I don't love you anymore
I'm sorry that it has to end this way
But I just cant put up with the pain
Of watching you long for a love that isn't mine
Please believe me, for so many nights I cried
Wishing that I could have had you by my side
But I've made up my mind, and I'm going to find
A way to move on from what i never wanted to leave behind
AK93 Apr 2019
Oh what i used to be
A mess upon the floor
Empty bottles
Empty hearted
Didn't care anymore
About you or anyone at all
Wrapped up in my madness
Giving way to selfishness
Broken fingers
Broken mind
I forgot how to give
And the feeling wasn't missed at all
But somewhere deep inside
There was something that i tried to hide
The truth that i was dying to deny
I wanted to get better but i didn't know how
To ask for help seemed so impossible
Because i was drowning in the alcohol
My lungs were full of beer and i couldn't speak at all
But somehow i found the strength to get to a better place
With a little help from those who i thought had started to hate me
And now that i can look back and see just how awful i was
I just wish to be forgiven for all that i have done
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