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mikecccc Jun 25
The wrong green flourishes
political gardeners
fields of prize winning weeds
you'll **** us all.
you who
I am Legion
too many to prosecute
things will change
but will it be enough .
mikecccc May 2
It's easy to break stuff
It may seem oxymoronic
It may be
But I think the most
way to fix things
Is to break things
On A very large scale.
To fix by breaking
Not impossible
So I've heard
mikecccc May 2
Vague Ominous
All powerfull
So they claim
not one several
Not many
Whatever shall WE do
Suffer probably
The strength of many
Never seems like enough.
mikecccc Feb 27
Life is short
so they say
they say A lot
billions of seconds
leaking from my hourglass
staunch the bleeding
thats not plausible
anyway it's just Tuesday
Life is short
so i'm told
but don't worry
it's only relative.
mikecccc Feb 27
To the side
another everything
to the other another
the only difference is degrees
A little better A little worse
Could I fill the shoes
of the best version of me
would it be wrong
to steal from myself
I don't have A goatee
So I can't be the evil me.
mikecccc Nov 2018
We the people
Can't agree
Not even to disagree
Be right or be left
South or north
I can't say
United states
Without smiling.
mikecccc Oct 2018
the artist attempts
to show us more
They fail
this is all their is
amazing as it is
it gets so boring.
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