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mikecccc Nov 2018
We the people
Can't agree
Not to even to disagree
Be right or be left
South or north
I can't say
United states
Without smiling.
mikecccc Oct 2018
the artist attempts
to show us more
They fail
this is all their is
amazing as it is
it gets so boring.
mikecccc Sep 2018
Who am I To say
all the faithful
are fools

A nonbeliever
could be more diplomatic

Respecting your right
to believe untruths
how long can that last
can we agree to disagree
on the fundamentals of reality
historically never very long.
something nothing
in this day and age
does it really matter
mikecccc Jul 2018
What wouldn't I give

For a little bit more

Where does it end
The wanting
When you have enough
What is enough.
You need lessons
Enough is taught
By ma pa
And society at large.
mikecccc Apr 2018
Dead men tell no tales
but the living are happy
to tell tales for them
mikecccc Apr 2018
A noose of cars
waiting to order
waiting for orders
time is wasting
while the crew scrambles
"this is unacceptable"
the frequent flyer
reminds me.
mikecccc Mar 2018
Who is that creature
I can hear the calm voice
but can't see the body
how can you be still
in these shaky days
are you calm
cause you're joking
are you an actor
are you a fool
can I be one?
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