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mikecccc Aug 26
I try to travel
on make believe roads
I think this time
the ground will be solid
I sink
my mouth fills
with silly dreams
tastes bitter
I'm always surprised.
never read the book
just vague memories
of the movie
mikecccc Mar 31
or freeze
as a defense
it lacks
nature or nurture
my father was a brick wall
my mother
never taught me to fight
that explains it right
Fight or Flight
be a deer
such an enthralling sight
white light the way to heaven
mikecccc Mar 30
Green rider
ride away
from me and mine
not just disease of the body
god forbid
in you're wake
as your herald
who needs that.
mikecccc Mar 30
the world is burning
what else is new
oh ****
is this
what Billy Joel meant
cause I don't play with matches
A childish thing
to play
with dangerous things
is it kids these days
I should blame
for the state of things.
mikecccc Dec 2019
I want what you have
is that so wrong
I want to have
and you to not
maybe that is wrong
I don't need much
I'm no glutton
just enough
to know
I've made it farther than you.
mikecccc Dec 2019
the days weight
is a bit much
the doorbell rings
I try to rise
I can't even open my eyes.
mikecccc Jun 2019
The wrong green flourishes
political gardeners
fields of prize winning weeds
you'll **** us all.
you who
I am Legion
too many to prosecute
things will change
but will it be enough .
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