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mikecccc Jul 2023
What sin is it
that desire to consume
consume for consumptions sake
isn't the feeling
not simple gluttony
consume cause you're empty
or at least feel empty
full to burst couldn't possibly
cram more down
but so hollow
surely I should float
what is weighing me down
poor tubby ****.
maybe it's wrath
I do hate myself
could be sloth
I try to run from
the man in the mirror
but why bother
envy pride lust greed
so many possibilities.
mikecccc Jul 2023
change is hard
change is good
change is natural
change is up there
with death and taxes
as unavoidable things
only children fear change
I've heard
put my head to the sander
not the chopping block
neither is a first choice
but I can stand some pain
for some good change
I think.
mikecccc Apr 2023
Hero to Villain how

I borrowed a pin
from a friend
heroic fall

but seriously how
you stood for something

you stand still long enough
you can watch the land change
I changed teams without moving
I guess that was still a choice.
mikecccc Apr 2023
The people
who live at the bottom
see me coming
falling till I hit the pile
to reach the bottom of that
would be quite the feat
Do I look like a falling star
rather more pedestrian
A drop of rain
failing at filling
A pit of despair
pit of despair
like a well of toxic sludge
surprisingly natural
will I be broken
when I hit
did I fall
I'm already broken
time will tell.
mikecccc Oct 2022
artificial syrup
flooding my veins
how did you find enough
to drown in
where there's a will
Dr P my main man
for medical advice
you aren't dead
so you must be good
full to the brim man
the locale water
tastes like mercury
it won't satisfy
but at least  you
don't buy bottled water.
mikecccc Sep 2022
silly saucer eyes
A lake view
how risky
it's in my nature
poor deer
I think  
that makes you prey
vaguely threatening thoughts
mikecccc Apr 2022
What is coming
The writings on the walls
the floor sky breakfast and in my friends eyes
Every where signs
they lead all over and none lie
except the ones that do
lying signs stand as tall as any other
I need to blink
watery eyes
keeping them open
till they burn
so I can take it all in
I can't close my mind.
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