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fay folk
in the legends
regular folk
from what I've seen
tie-dye with vital red
savage minions
rushing about
with such naïve purpose
maybe maybe I do you a disservice
maybe you understand more than I did
God knows I can't ask
no good reason to prove
what you might suspect.
mikecccc May 24
An Egg
of hope
the last one
for the lucky few
all is lost
most is lost
the last bit is given
an apostle is made.
worth it
some people think so
mikecccc May 24
What would it take
to **** A dragon
A **** load of iron
the world may never know
RIP kentaro miura
mikecccc Feb 24
I'd bite off your fingers
if you offered A hand
its not an attack
just thought
you might fill my void
is that not how it works
impolite perhaps
the material
can fix the immaterial
so they say.
only metaphorically maybe
mikecccc Feb 24
Writing time and again
about the same old topics
Cerberus poet
an undying dog
surrounded by bones
can gnaw on these forever
is that healthy.
is being Alive.
mikecccc Feb 24
Hands at ten and two
I control my fate
so I'm told
swerve into oncoming traffic
cause a cacophony
go out on a high note
I control my fate
but where the ****
do I wanna go
nowhere really
being awake
makes me uncomfortable
I see why so many
choose to give themselves
to more certain Hands.
silly me
mikecccc Feb 2
Late to the party
fashionably so
what lies on the horizon
the same old woe
claims the cynic in me
in me
the cynic I am
the optimist I try to be
might claim otherwise
the optimist i try to be
Do I really want to be
Could be fun
A change of pace
The Optimist I try to be
might say
so long as you're alive
things can change for the better.
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