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mikecccc Jul 26
hes outta office
but still haunting
my daily news
why do you hate him
all the reasons
republican party
A yacht to hell
the family men
one man one wife
one or two mistresses
or misters
I can't wait to die
crushed by mount hypocrisy
the capital was raided
that means something
symbolically I'm sure
Black lives matter was never that ambitious
but they aint proud boys
We the people cringe a smidge
at the ICE camps
they aren't interment camps
obviously that would be unamerican
Trumps outta office
but his ******* presence
keeps slapping me in the face.
was feeling political
not very timely
oh well
mikecccc Apr 23
What is coming
The writings on the walls
the floor sky breakfast and in my friends eyes
Every where signs
they lead all over and none lie
except the ones that do
lying signs stand as tall as any other
I need to blink
watery eyes
keeping them open
till they burn
so I can take it all in
I can't close my mind.
mikecccc Mar 30
I bled on the office floor
I spilled blood for my company
those drops weren't worth much
but it sounds like something
it did make me realize
as little as I cared for the blood
I cared less for the work
So I quit
to no great applause
or apparent concern
HR only knows
how many drops
there have been.
mikecccc Mar 30
Ignorance is bliss
of ignorance
is bliss
I know enough
to know I'm missing something
mikecccc Jan 25
It Is what it is
it explains itself
we think the same
the apple is sin.

I thought it
was a healthy snack.
mikecccc Jan 18
Time travel
gave me infinite options
I found them all equally displeasing
rewind time again and again
changing big things little things
butterfly's all A aflutter
things change I carve new shapes
but none look right
American gothic kinda vibe
I spent time my time
doing this
how do I get more
so inappropriate
I know
mikecccc Dec 2021
it sounds so futuristic
by now
the world should be chrome
still time still just 21
things can change fast
could wake up tomorrow
having missed the revolution
movies from the 80s what do they know
less than me apparently.
****** plague
all those ya novel
turned out to be true
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