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Eslam Dabank Jul 26
Flooded lungs. Pale parts, loom.
Don't worry, your soil will need the water,
To bloom.

Laboured pump, Crushed heart.
Nevertheless, with you, a redemption,
Shall start.

Aching body. One last breath.
You will defy divinity, and beautify,
Dear death.

Dry eyes, thin shrunken skin.
Starred in a perishable gloomy world -
In the original sin.

Lids closed. Veins calmed.
The redness turned into dark blue,
A rose growing into delphinium.
She was their life-giving dew.

Hyperventilation. Reared begs.
"For them, let me live. Let me raise,
My kids".

Wet floor. Screams around.
Mumbling in an arcade of life or theft,
But, here comes the hound.

A mortuary. Coldness penetrate.
"Sirens proclaimed its honor,
Rhymed with shluddering mayday".
She's now at god's holy bay.

A cemetery. Viscous worms.
Suffer to cuddle brides, crawl in thorns,
In the valley of eternal thrones.
Eslam Dabank Jun 29
Deception feeds on ignorance in every lane,
Missiles are wrong symphonies in Ukraine.

The world won't rise with the cries of a thousand,
Corruption sneaks into the bones in Thailand.

Humans and bodies are wars' cheapest lance,
The riots take back stolen rights in France.

Starvation is stronger than the dignity of men,
Begging for food is integrity, in Yemen.

Moms paid, with their children, the fees.
Souls taken, are countless in greece.

There, living in an empty land is the plan,
Women, children and men, murdered, for power, in Sudan.

"Spending eternity in peace, is a ban",
Told the people, between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Depravity spreading in man like Ameba,
A losing game of change played in Cuba.

Billions of harassment cases, you bet,
Are, will be reserved in god's eyes in Egypt.

Buried her father, brother and,
desire of existence, dear Haya,
She, and millions another, in fenced Libya.

In the name of religion, crimes covered, disgracefully,
Chastity thrown, in land of churches, the Vatican City.

Shattered wood under a phloem,
Are the confused inhabitants of oriental Jerusalem.

Too many sects, invading the minds, anon,
Conflicts will split the one entity of Lebanon.

Washing souls with lies of worship, is a key
Says the elected president of Turkey.

To be served, pure blood awaits in the line.
It rains glory and sacrifice upon Palestine.

To regain true reality, they had to wham,
Under snow, through fog, numbed rain, in Vietnam.

Lost a thousands of years worth of legacy,
Guns are the rulers in Damascus city.
It is "loaves" not "loafs" - I know. But it is written that way, to show the ignorance some has, and still are proud of it, and show it confidently.
Eslam Dabank Apr 20
Hit me with the knives you sharpened with your rage,
Hit me with the words you wished you released out of the cage,
Hit me with the floods coming out of your eyes, the undesirable wreckage,
Hit me with the revenage you composed, to stay for your soul, a heritage,
Hit me with the dreams you wrote on that vintage page,
Hit me with the memories you drowned down the rivage.

Hit me with the passion I made you fantasize,
Hit me with the pain you can't verbalize,
Hit me with the struggle I gave as an advice,
Hit me with the sorrows that won't let you rise,
Hit me with the filth unleashed of my vice,
Hit me with the agony I'd enjoy to poetise,
Hit me with the sadness you should idolise,
Hit me with the deception that I got to, on you, idealise.

Hit me with the thoughts you ignited in your head,
Hit me with the lies I loved you with instead,
Hit me with the cries that to your end, have led.
Hit me with the words I never dared to let being said.
Hit me with the regret that you'll never get,
Hit me with the anger, you, because of me, have met.
Hit me with the ages of misery, I've for you set.
Eslam Dabank Jan 28
Love is dead, I know.
I was the one who unleashed the arrow,
And left us a deadly hallow.

I cough out poisonous words,
Thought I'd tame you with injections,
A python you turned out to be.
One, who never kneels.
Your fangs fill my throat with lies,
You choke me with your "cuddles".
I've always yearned for power,
And dignity,
But I'm transparent in your slavery.

I was a bright star,
Now I'm nothing but a scar.

But we'll be making love like savages,
I'll absorb the venom off your kiss,
I'll let you allure me into your darkness,
I'll pretend I'm alive for one lethal bliss,
I'll sacrifice my thrones for your filthy roses,
To make love like savages.

Barefoot crossing a path of swords,
Skin on skin with devil's hell fires,
Mud blood running through my viens,
defiling my mind,
And turn it into madness.

A madness,
Where you're the god of all gods.
Eslam Dabank Nov 2018
Your favourite song, I yesterday listened to,
The lyrics passed by,
And I didn't remember you.
The melody was synchronised with my laughs,
Even though, you said, the song represents,
The pain you've been through.
I didn't remember your talks,
I didn't remember your cries,
My pain won't be watered with tears,
The season of blooming is to end.

Instead of holding your hand,
I held my sorrows.
Instead of feeling love,
I felt you killing me with your arrows.
Instead in living in our dreams,
I lived in endless hallows.
Instead of having you,
I had, only shadows.
Eslam Dabank Nov 2018
My palm tuned into a fist.
With it, I hold a baby's screams,
And all the world's deaths.
My body turned into an armor.
With it, I guard a mother's life,
And the milk, coming out of her *******.
The only chance of survival,
In the middle of the chaos.
My hopes turned into mist,
With it, I blinde murderous enemies,
And,our end. It won't find its ways.
My shirt turned to a flag of surrender.
A torn-apart one, to save torn-apart lives.

Hand over your anger,
Let me ignite the cannonball.
Pour out your teara,
Let the floods begin.

Crosses carried distorted bodies,
Ones with missing hands,
Ones with missing heads,
Ones with missing legs,
But what they all shared,
Is missing souls.

forced them to surrender.
To save what's left of their memories,
Before they become a memory,
With fellow millions another.

When they look into their reflection,
They see what is left undead,
But they don't see the soul,
That will never again be fixed.
Closer to life they got,
But further of themselves felt.

A chess board they inhabited,
But they weren't a part of it,
Soldiers died. So did the two kings.
But they paid for a fight that's not theirs.

A song, I heard.
They sang an idle song, for those,
Whose souls left their bodies empty,
And left free,
In they space, that might contain,
Their former life's misery.
To a clavery, they headed, bleeding,
Eslam Dabank Jul 2018
Like a broken watch your eyes decieve
I think there's time,so I always leave
I layed in our bed waiting you with fear
But I woke up,with not hearing you breathe

My tears got printed on the sand
With them,I flooded a whole land

Got me seeking,
For remedy
Got me leaking - blood
Come back and save me
Let me be your mortality
Take my useless soul
And reach,

Nerves wreck everytime I see myself
I was a book, forgotten on the shelf
But you, chose me to be to yourself
And then,suddenly I was burnt
By a cancer in your body
That ignited a mortal elf.
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