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LightShade Jan 21
I wanted to tell you
   in words
I wanted to speak to you
   in letters
I wanted to voice out to you
   in songs
I who just wanted to
   be with you

If only i could say it
LightShade Oct 2017
This moment
  Seeing you today

I'll brink back the days
  When you didn't mean
       this much to me

I'll bring it back
               . . .
I'll bring it back
  Oct 2017 LightShade
Mono Chrome World
What doesn't destroy me

make me wanna die

What doesn't **** me

make me wanna suicide

What means everything to me

is the one who's destroying and killing me

What makes me happy

Is the one who's making me cry

The person we love

hurts us

and yet

The people who loves us

is those we hurt

What a cruel world

that makes me think of going to heaven
yeah always...
All I’m left with
Is the shadow of your silhouette,
And it’s not enough.
Cause I remember having all of you.
And all of you
Was all I wanted.
But you’re gone now
And you’re not coming back.
It can take a lifetime to accept what you've lost.
LightShade Oct 2017
There was a boy who never knew anything, and met a girl who taught her these things.

She taught him, how to smile and be happy, filled with wonder and joy.

She taught him how to love and he as well loved her too.

Filling him with shared memories of them two

She taught him how to hold on, and have a good grip, so that he won’t fall.

Suddenly, she disappeared leaving him, hanging on.

The boy was growing weary, he was in so much pain in clasping to the pieces

That will never fit back together

And then, in midst of pain, hurt, sorrow, agony and loneliness

In time, He learned…

How to let go
It wasn’t easy for the boy

Now he has to learn how to
s t a r t  over…
Teach me how to let go...
LightShade Oct 2017
Why is that when we truly love someone
We give them everything we got
And never expect anything in return
But that's the painful part
We never recieve anything back
  Oct 2017 LightShade
The moment I broke
Quick and then slow
Merciless and then cruel
When I could not stand up for myself
And you did not either
When I realised I could not do it all alone
And people started leaving
When I needed a way out
Not knowing where the exit was
When I needed peace and silence
And you kept disturbing it
When I needed a parent
And you told me about your father
When I took some time to reflect
And you thought I could handle you
It was when you grabbed my arm
And I wanted you to let go
It was when you let me go
And then you let me go again
Quick and then slow
Merciless and then cruel
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