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820 · Aug 12
Your eyes
Jacqueline O Aug 12
The Moon
       The Moon

Your eyes are pretty

The Moon
       The Stars
               Your Eyes

The Moon
        The Moon
318 · Aug 17
Rose Kiss
Jacqueline O Aug 17
A rose's bloom
Nature's kiss
Soft pink petal lips
On the morning glow
246 · Aug 17
Jacqueline O Aug 17
You are like a well aged bottle of whiskey, your brilliance and charisma get better with the growing months.  Your body is a ocean I love to dive in, gentle waves guide me to bliss.
For my husband...beautiful and calm, mysterious and amazing.
176 · Aug 16
Jacqueline O Aug 16
Travel towards the sun by day, until weary then turn left if may.  A cottage in the middle of nowhere you seek, will be just beyond your reach.
Jacqueline O Jul 12
I lay awake watching you sleep,
Gazing deep into your closed eyes.
Yearning to join you in your dreams, finding peace knowing you are sleeping, even if I can not do the same.
Hours pass, minutes tick, my eyes begin to close as I slowly drift off to sleep.

— The End —