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Aug 2020 · 301
Before Corona
Claudia Aug 2020
Before Corona
You would tell me something,
But I would not hear,
Maybe because of the howling
Or the voices of the wind.

I would  ask "what?"
You'd repeat,
Once, twice, three times.
Eventually ending with a "nevermind."

And my heart would crack,
A pain consuming,
Of worries and sadness,
That I could not hear
The simple words you said.

Coronavirus rolled around
And the masks are worn by everyone around.
Sure, it is to keep it out,
But they also keep the voices muted.

You would say something,
Through the mask,
A barrier.
Yet again, I ask "what?"
And wonder if I knew how to sign
This would be so much easier.
Fun Fact about me: I am hard of hearing and this poem is based around the barriers that are my life and the deaf/ hard of hearing community.
May 2020 · 244
What is Life?
Claudia May 2020
What is life?
Life is
The magical moments
That keeps your heart levitated,
That keeps you on your toes,
That fills you up with warmth,
Filled with loving moments,
That you can’t get enough of,
And wish that it stays.

Life doesn’t give you what you want,
No matter how many pennies you throw into the fountain.
What is life?
Life is
The dark moments
The ones where you cry when something doesn’t go your way,
The ones where you must carry an umbrella and wear all black,
The ones where you feel like S*;
These ones are when you feel hopeless
No matter how many times you fall,
And don’t feel like you should get back up.

Everyone’s day feels like one of these.
Wake up and find out: Are you having a magical or a dark day?
But the worst of all, are the ones where it is magical then it slowly turns dark;
Where you think everything is in your favor,
And you are about to show the world that they should not mess with you
Then a text or a tweet comes in
And everyone turns their back to you.
Claudia Apr 2020
I fell in love
With the
Kind part
Of you,

The one
That would make sure everyone
Was Okay,
Even though you were not,

I fell in love
With the
Brave side
Of you,

The one
That did things,
Without a care in the world;
About what others thought of you.

I fell in love
With the
Loyalty piece
Of you,

The one
That stood up,
For the people you love the most,
Even though you were the one who needed someone to stand up for you,

You did
All of that,
Without knowing what others thought of you,
And you chose,

And you chose
To let it go,
To let it fade,
A piece buried.

I used to love
The broken soul
You once had,
Because you were kind, brave, and full of loyalty.

Now it’s faded,
And you don’t care,
You thought someone was not out there for you,
But I am... I was,

Until you let it fade,
Until you chose to go;
In your place is someone
That I don’t know.

I fell out of love
With the
Side of you,

The one
That lied
About anything
To friends and teachers.

I fell out of love
With the
Part of you,

The one
That didn’t care
For the dreams
You once had.

I fell out of love
With the
Piece of you,

The one,
Who talks
Over someone
Telling an awesome story.

I don’t know anymore
Whether I love you or not,
But I do know that the person
You once were is faded and is never coming back.

You may have lost your soulmate,
I may have been her,
But I don’t care,
You lost your chance,

Now you are
Someone I don’t know; Don’t love
You were
Someone I used to know; Used to love
Apr 2020 · 283
The Man in the Mirror
Claudia Apr 2020
Stop drinking beer.
He is still there.
Where? In the air?

He is not there, but here.
But, it is bare.
The Man in the Mirror:
Could you be more clearer?

Why don't you stop?
What? Where is this cop?
Uh, huh.

Oh, Cop:
Why are you non-stop?
He is on the tiptop
Of a long drop.

Why, that is just horror.
Do you really have to be full of terror?
But, it is the Man in the Mirror,
Not full of error.

The Man in the Mirror:
Could you be more clearer?
You are not an error,
But terror.

— The End —