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Luis Liriano Oct 2017
tonight, I will look up
and see you are the only one in the sky
shooting across my vision
then forever disappearing

so I close my eyes and then I realized
I can repeat the events that just unfold
over and over again when my eyes are shut
when I go to bed, turn off the lights and dream
of you
the only star in my sky
Luis Liriano Oct 2017
yes I see her and I'll still see her even if I close my eyes or leave the room. I'm not obsessed with her imagie just amazed how she seems to glow so I can't help but keep on Staring when she's looking down or away from me and yeah I know she's not mine but i swear she's not his, well she is but that's not the point, the point is I'm not the point and she belongs to herself.
Luis Liriano Oct 2017
you are beautiful
like a dream where the sunset is forever
and the season is always spring
you are lovely
like a picture of a blooming flower
where dreams come true each time you open your eyes
you are the embodiment of beauty and the reason why it even exist
you inspire goddesses with the color of your eyes, so they make angels after your imagie
but then again you are a goddess yourself
blessing me every time your presence, when it's near
because your presence is a present alone
Luis Liriano Sep 2017
I am lost
but I am not losing
I am broken
but I am not breaking
I am hurt
but I am not hurting

I passed the point of no return
and then I passed it again, does the mean I did return?  Or does it mean I'm so lost I have no sense of direction
Luis Liriano Sep 2017
hold me close
and I'll hold you close
love me more
and I'll love you the most
kiss me hard
and I'll kiss you harder

my dear you are as lovely as a flowers
as sweet as a candy store
and as elegant as moon light
my eyes forever wishing that your sight permanent
my heart forever wanting to be yours
Luis Liriano Sep 2017
you are the closest star to me
you are the that one dream that be came reality
you are the moon most beautiful light
even more beautiful when you reflect on yourself
you are the embodiment grace and elegancy
you are the human that angels try to base their look after
you are that first flower to bloom in spring
You are that first leaf to fall so lovely in autumn
you are many things
but of those many things
You are not mine
You are the worlds
Luis Liriano Sep 2017
today there's no tomorrow
tonight there's no morning
and right now there's nothing but present moment

as I fall like the first leaf of this season
I wait to crash all so hrashly into the ground so I can know how lovely it was when I was falling
so I can know that I missed the thing that I wish would end
so I can know if I have regrets or if I lived to the fullest of my expectations
if I have any
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