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Luis Liriano Jan 2018
sad part that i love you and I’ll always love
I’ll cherish your mind and soul in my heart and head
I’ll adore your sight and sound in my heart and hand
I’ll indoor your pain and misery if you let me
but then again it’s for a reason
and the reason being is that you hate me
Luis Liriano Jan 2018
my legs broke from all the standing around i did, while i was waiting for you
my arms ripped from all the weight i had to carry due to the fact i can’t express my feelings for you
therefore my jaw hurts due to the fact that every time i see your face i grind my teeth into dust that you just blow away
and i curse the day I met you
Luis Liriano Dec 2017
Instead of the happy bells ringing every time I hear your name
i hear thunder storm shaking me, my soul to the very core

i no longer breath the air to live but just to exist
just to know the art of scraping through
just to relate to someone
even if it sounds ridiculous

I know longer find myself captivated with the wrinkles i make when i write something romantic

but yet my heart longs for love
and this longing is something that is now
a part of me
Luis Liriano Nov 2017
gosh I’m just so heart broken sometimes you know seeing your post knowing he’s better then me just cause the fact he’s close enough to brush his thumb across your cheek but you gotta understand that i love you way more then he could possibly know how to love and that we have a connection. Like i love you like how Dwayne loves Whitley, how Jim love Pam, how cosmo loves Wanda, how uncle jesse loves Rebecca and how Eric loves Donna. Idk honestly i love you more then the word itself and i can’t see myself smiling as much as i do with anyone else but you and i can’t deal with the fact that you are my soul mate and i might not be yours so I’m in turmoil so i can’t help to cry even it makes me look weak it’s November 18th 11:57 PM and i love you and you love me too (or at least that’s why i tell myself) but you’re with him. it’s like i created a universe the sun is losing its shine and flowers are losing meaning and beauty you are the goddess that bless my worlds with happiness but now you’re blessing him with smiles and i know you want me in your life and i want to be in yours but it’s like stabbing a knife in my back and in my chest and i can’t help but to still love you cause it’s you
Luis Liriano Nov 2017
I am broken
All i feel is that burn i get when i try saying your name, as if i was  gargling  Listerine for two long

I am lost
My sense of distance no longer exist,
It just Feels like I’m in a door room  leaning against walls trying to find a
way out

I love you but what is love if you don’t love me too
Luis Liriano Nov 2017
today, is it sad you feel like yesterday
and that tomorrow will be just like you

I feel this stillness in the roots of my soul and the heart that lies within it, will you deliver me something new?

will you shift plates so you can say you brought something new to the table, something different.

if you do, please don't make the ground I walk on break, don't make me fall on my knees in such a way that my legs become a fabric softer than Cotten.

won't you make sure to let me know before the storm strikes? Just this once, warn me.
Luis Liriano Nov 2017
in this dream the air was sweet, not bitter or sour

in this dream we were gods making gods every time we believed in a great higher power

in this dream everyone's heart was on each other's sleeves, made of gold but breaks like glass

I do not know if I dream to much or dreamt to little but in this dream there are no such things of dreams but visions waiting for its moment to exist
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