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I don’t know how to love
I don’t know how to swoop in softly like a dove
I don’t know how to feel
Or if any of this is even real
I just want to know how to love
I just wanted someone to stay.
Why do they all have to go away?
6d · 23
The truth
You abandoned me long before you left
Oct 30 · 45
alexandre Oct 30
I don’t have a will to live,
I have a will to survive
Oct 12 · 200
alexandre Oct 12
“Tell me where it hurts”

The truth is it doesn’t
That’s the problem

It’s like the pain is so heavy
My heart has gone numb
Oct 8 · 35
alexandre Oct 8
I watched
As you slowly fell out of love with me
And I just kept falling
Oct 3 · 38
I am not enough
alexandre Oct 3
I’m giving you all my water, trying to help you grow
But all you see is that it’s not enough
I am not enough
alexandre Oct 3
I am drowning trying to help you stay a float
But you’d rather look at the hands that aren’t there to pull you out of the storm
Oct 3 · 37
alexandre Oct 3
I watched it as it fell
My heart had shattered before I even knew you had it in your hands
Sep 8 · 250
alexandre Sep 8
And as bad as my abandonment issues are
I have attachment issues even worse
I’ll love you for a thousand years
alexandre Sep 7
I don’t know the numbers anymore
Of how much I took that night
I used to know the exact amount
But now I can’t recall any of it
The only memories are hidden between
Meaningless words
Written on a meaningless screen
Back when no one heard me scream
alexandre Sep 7
I’ve got
Will it work?
Will it work?
Will it finally work?
alexandre Sep 7
I was never one to dream of happy endings

I was never one to dream of new beginnings

I gave you a chance to save me
But you chose to let me drown

I gave you my heart
And you broke it

You ripped my smile
Into a frown

You pulled me up just so you could push me back down again

I became too much
You couldn’t handle my brain

This is just another story of my heart being broken

But I guess the stars knew
I needed one last heartbreak before I go.
Sep 7 · 52
alexandre Sep 7
Love me like I know you can
This isn’t you
This isn’t you
Please don’t break
My heart again
alexandre Sep 7
And to this one
I’ll give my whole heart
At least
All that is left after they broke me
Sep 7 · 26
alexandre Sep 7
I don’t care about my body
But I care about you
So I’ll try not to hurt my body
I’ll try not to hurt you
alexandre Sep 5
I lost the side of me that cared for yourself
And I fear she may be coming back
Sep 5 · 44
I miss u
alexandre Sep 5
I miss u more than my heart can handle
Sep 5 · 40
I may be broken but
alexandre Sep 5
There’s an abundance of love
Resigning in my heart
Sep 4 · 255
alexandre Sep 4
I was ready to let it all go
But then I met him
Aug 30 · 253
Dear poets
alexandre Aug 30
I’m so in love, my words fail to appear
Aug 29 · 43
alexandre Aug 29
Do you see me
I’m falling
Down into the dark abyss
I’m falling deep into the
Chaos of my mind
Will you rescue me?
Aug 29 · 35
alexandre Aug 29
Gray clouds
Haze eyes
His eyes
Blue skies
Self medicate
To numb the pain
Fluttering high
She dies
In the end
Aug 7 · 68
alexandre Aug 7
I don’t know why you hated me so much
I was never hurting anyone else
Just myself
And maybe it’s ok
Because I hate me too
Aug 6 · 39
alexandre Aug 6
Why am I still *****
I got into the shower
I scrubbed and scrubbed
Until it hurt
But still
Every time I look in the mirror
I just see your hands
All over me
Aug 6 · 202
alexandre Aug 6
Roses of red  
Slow breaths
Deep desire
The power of lust
Oceans on fire
Aug 6 · 58
alexandre Aug 6
I feel like I’ve lived enough
I’m tired
Aug 5 · 67
alexandre Aug 5
Drowning in drunk thoughts
And sober feelings
Aug 5 · 70
alexandre Aug 5
I hope you’re happy
Aug 5 · 71
Creative heartbreak
alexandre Aug 5
She grabbed her shattered heart
As a pen
She used her pain
To write a poem
And her tears
To paint a picture
Aug 5 · 60
alexandre Aug 5
Crying over you
Are you even worth it?
I mean it’s fine
I cry over everything
Aug 5 · 64
alexandre Aug 5
numb the pain
Break the chain
Another one gone
Alone again
Aug 5 · 43
But I’m okay
alexandre Aug 5
I’m okay
I promise
I have multiple panic attacks a day
But I’m okay
I know how to stop them
My brain keeps telling me to end it
But I’m okay
I know how to silence her

It’s just that
Sometimes I wish someone else would understand how it feels to feel like you are not whole.
Like there’s all these pieces of you but none of them fit into your puzzle.
None of it make any sense.

I don’t make any sense.

There’s all these voices in my head
But I’m okay

They’re very loud
But I just drown them out in music

My emotions are overwhelming
But I get them out on paper

I’m drowning
But I took swimming lessons

I’m okay
I’ll be okay
Aug 5 · 49
Lose lose situation
alexandre Aug 5
I used to like being close to you
I liked it when it was just us two
I liked the sound of your voice but
You made falling in love feel like a choice
Between losing myself or losing you
Aug 5 · 28
However much I could
alexandre Aug 5
I loved you
You know
At least however much I could
I loved you as much as I could
And that wasn’t enough
I’m sorry
alexandre Aug 5
I’ve come to understand that
It’s not a cry for help
If I reassure you I’m ok
And smile a pretty smile

I just wish you’d see through my façade
I wish you’d notice all the other ways I’m crying out

The many ways I’m asking for help

But it’s not on you
And I know that

If I want your help
I need to outright ask

And that’s ok
I know

*But why can’t I believe it?
Aug 5 · 284
alexandre Aug 5
She says
My dear
It’s time to self destruct
Don’t you want to feel safe again?
Aug 5 · 32
alexandre Aug 5
A voice constantly reading out beautiful phrases poetic
Aug 3 · 43
alexandre Aug 3
I don’t miss you more than I thought I would, the whole time we were together, I knew it was going to hurt the most when you’d eventually leave
Aug 3 · 537
alexandre Aug 3
What if we rewrite our story
Take out the darkness and the pain
Then maybe we’ll both choose to stay
Aug 3 · 50
alexandre Aug 3
Whatever it is
You love
about me,
I’ll be the opposite
I will be whatever it takes to be away from you
Jul 31 · 56
I am sad rhymes
alexandre Jul 31
I threw myself into your ocean
Enticed by sadness in the colour blue
And now I know it was just a hue
And I was just lost in the motion
I was drowning in the thought of me and you
Before we grew
And learnt our devotion
Was not meant to
Last and everything we went through
Wasn’t worth the commotion
Jul 30 · 61
alexandre Jul 30
And what if
He’s wrong?
What if I am my trauma
What if I am my mental illness
Jul 30 · 182
dear writer:
alexandre Jul 30
teach me to write like you do
teach me to listen to the melody of my imagination
and put on paper
what I could never say out loud
Jul 30 · 50
alexandre Jul 30
i love you
like a rose and her thorns
Jul 30 · 53
save me
alexandre Jul 30
I am not healthy
but everyone wants me to be

I am down by the sea
trying to drown

and they all think its their job
to save me
Jul 30 · 42
alexandre Jul 30
When there is something that causes me to start to feel like you could be of something to me, that feels uncomfortable so I sabotage it. I am sorry. I don’t mean to but I don't know how to stop.
Jul 30 · 48
Lover did you love her
alexandre Jul 30
dear lover
Did you ever really love her?
The girl I used to be.
Did you ever really love her?
Jul 29 · 322
All of you
alexandre Jul 29
And it took time for me to realize,
That I only live to please you
All of you
As long as you’re happy
Jul 27 · 70
alexandre Jul 27
i long for you heartbeat close to mine
in my darkness your light shines
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