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alexandre Sep 8
And as bad as my abandonment issues are
I have attachment issues even worse
I’ll love you for a thousand years
alexandre Sep 7
I don’t know the numbers anymore
Of how much I took that night
I used to know the exact amount
But now I can’t recall any of it
The only memories are hidden between
Meaningless words
Written on a meaningless screen
Back when no one heard me scream
alexandre Sep 7
I’ve got
Will it work?
Will it work?
Will it finally work?
alexandre Sep 7
I was never one to dream of happy endings

I was never one to dream of new beginnings

I gave you a chance to save me
But you chose to let me drown

I gave you my heart
And you broke it

You ripped my smile
Into a frown

You pulled me up just so you could push me back down again

I became too much
You couldn’t handle my brain

This is just another story of my heart being broken

But I guess the stars knew
I needed one last heartbreak before I go.
alexandre Sep 7
Love me like I know you can
This isn’t you
This isn’t you
Please don’t break
My heart again
alexandre Sep 7
And to this one
I’ll give my whole heart
At least
All that is left after they broke me
alexandre Sep 7
I don’t care about my body
But I care about you
So I’ll try not to hurt my body
I’ll try not to hurt you
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