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The truth is I would love to get to know
You better

I would love to be accepted by you

I would love to show you the good and bad
Parts of me

I would love to share my story
With you

I would love to know your secrets

I would love to share mine

I would love for you to love me as much
As I love you

I’m just not ready for you to see me
The way I see myself
When I am with him
My heart becomes an instrument
Only he knows how to play
He pulls at the strings
Allowing soft moans to escape from my mouth
Butterflies flutter in my stomach
His lips land perfectly on mine
With his hands he outlines my body
Like a conductor he controls me
Like a puzzle he fits comfortably inside me
We go back and forth like a beating drum
We harmonize
Our voices get higher
And higher
And higher
And higher
And just like that we
Created music with our love
What is it called
When you hate how much you love someone?
Oh God
I keep using your name in vain
It’s not personal
I’ve just been in so much pain

And your holiness
Is nowhere to be found
I keep screaming
But it seems you don’t hear a sound

Oh God
Where are you now
My curtains are closing
I’m ready to take a bow

But you
Are not in the crowd
I’m trying to hear you
But these demons are too loud

Oh God
They’re clapping for me
They have these expectations
But I just want to be free

Holy father
Where are you
They’re taking over
They’re telling me what to do

Oh God
If you’re up there
Please show me a sign
Please just show me that you care
  2d Alexandre
Closing off from the world,
I've gotta lock all my doors.
Nothing good has ever come
from agonizing over every second.
The world is only lonely if you admit it.
Out of sight, out of mind, I've been evicted.
I've got no option, that's the hand I'm dealt.
I've put up all of these walls to keep me in
and to keep everybody else out.
I've gotten my hopes up countless times
for so much disappointment.
I think I'm going to embrace this lifestyle,
take a couple steps back into solitude.
The world is only lonely if you admit it.
I listen to that demon on my shoulder
which says it's better if I'm left alone
and I've slowly started to agree.
I used to think that
Deep down you were someone else
Someone better
And I would be the one to change you
I was wrong
I guess just because you plant a **** in a pretty flower ***
Doesn’t mean it’s going to suddenly grow into a rose
You are who you are I guess
Sometimes, feelings stay
Even when we beg them to leave......!!!
Why can’t I stop loving him though it hurts too much to bear.....!!💔💔💔
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