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anonymous999 Dec 2015
there is fire in my mind and kindling in my mouth and if you can't take the heat then you **** well better get out of the kitchen
anonymous999 Dec 2015
i crave love.
i could live forever without cherry pie but i may not make it through the night without someone by my side
i don't need strawberry donuts but without your lips i would starve
my stomach grumbles for your kisses,
my waist itches for your arms,
i'm craving something,
something to keep me warm
just a silly little something
anonymous999 Dec 2015
i am 18 years old and i've kissed 17 boys. i've passed 16 classes, and cried at school 15 times. sophomore year i missed 14 days of school. i've figured out 13 ways to say "i didn't do my homework," and i am halfway through the 12th grade. my longest relationship lasted 11 months. i once left a picture up for 10 minutes, and received 9 comments about how unacceptable my shirt was. i have gone through 8 best friends and 7 phones. i've gotten lost on the road 6 times and i have 5 friends i plan to keep in touch with for the rest of my life. at my first job, i made $4 an hour. i've fallen in love 3 times, i've seen two therapists and i'm still holding on to this one thought that everything is going to be okay.
everything is going to be okay.
anonymous999 Nov 2015
you are not delicate.
when your flesh bruises, when your bones break, when your head aches, when your lover leaves, you will carry on.
there is a reason tears do not burn skin.
your muscles were made to lift your heavy heart and leaden legs.
you were made to carry on.

so when he says "i don't love you anymore," your bones will not allow you to collapse, your muscles will carry you forward. there is a reason your eyes are in the front of your head. don't look back.

you will not break.
you are not a cheap manufactured toy.
you are an exquisite human being hand-crafted by the likes of god,
heavy bones and bundled muscle
you are made of blood, sweat, and tears and you are resilient.

your heart strings are made of solid steel and though you may not have an iron grip, you learn to catch the curveballs. i promise

i know that your past sits on your shoulders, i promise that you were made to bear its weight.

so no, you will not break.
you are not delicate. you are strong, you are beautiful, you are unique.
you will not break.
you will endure
  Oct 2015 anonymous999
you're older now
another year gone
i hope it was
full of love
i hope the next
is even better
days of joy
and gorgeous weather

you're older now
another year gone
it's been too many
since i was yours
but know that i
still think of you
every 10th of october
and all the other days too

you're older now
another year gone
i want to wish you
i don't want you to be alone
but the situation calls
for distance to intervene
and it's best if you
stay away from me

so instead, i'll turn
to the next best option
i'll write you this poem
and forget about you, after
i'll wish you the best
hope your life is full of goodness
and keep quiet about
how i wish i was part of it

i'll send you love
through these words of mine
hope you succeed
and make the most of your time
you have within you
a world unexplored
don't let them ever
tell you who you are

shine through,
every moment you get
reach your full potential
never settle for second best
live passionately
be happy
love deeply
be free

maybe one day
years from today
i'll be able to
wish you on your birthday
but until then
these words must suffice
happy birthday, darling
i wish you the most wonderful life
for an old friend- only 12 days apart, we'd always joke about celebrating our birthdays together. here's to another year of loneliness.

anonymous999 Oct 2015
being mean to people that hurt you won't make you feel any better.

2. whatever it is, you've got to get over it. it made you sad then, there's no reason it should make you sad now. live, learn, and move on with love.

3. there's nothing wrong with using social media. use it to educate yourself. follow national geographic, the new york times, politicians, zoos, museums. the world is at your fingertips. or use it to watch worldstar videos, i don't care. whatever makes you happy.

4. don't apologize for who you are. maybe you're sassy, introverted, independent, cheesy, maybe you love 70's rock, maybe you love starbucks, maybe you love justin bieber. it's all perfectly fine. never let anyone make you feel sorry for who you are.

5. if someone acts like they don't care about you, it's because they don't.

6. you might never understand all that your mom has done for you. be nice to her.

7. you need to be nice yourself, too. treat yourself to sunrises, puppies, sleeping in, and morning runs followed by donuts. you deserve it.

8. what's meant to be will be. in the meantime, respect yourself enough to  walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy. the best days of your life are ahead of you.

in honor of my 18th birthday in a month. i am very open to critique and suggestions
anonymous999 Jul 2015
one day, you'll love a girl.
and her laughter will warm you from the inside out. her happiness will be your happiness, her sadness will be your sadness. it'll hurt you too when she cries. you'll crave her presence, her hugs, her kisses. you'll do anything to make her smile, cheer her up when she's sad. the thought of being without her will make your heart ache, spending time away from her will make your heart ache, you will feel disgustingly vulnerable. you'll forgive her, and forgive her, and forgive her, even when you shouldn't, because you just can't bear to let her go. your heart will smile when she's around, and you'll be on top of the world when she falls asleep on your chest. your favorite place in the world will be her arms, your favorite sound will be her voice.

when she leaves, you'll have to go and try to find all the pieces of yourself that you gave her. you'll have to try and remember who you were before her.
when you love a girl, you would never do anything to hurt her.

i'm sorry i wasn't that girl. that's how i felt about you and i'm sorry that it couldn't be the same

one day you will meet a girl and her laughter will be your water and her smile will be your sunshine and you'll know.
i'm sorry i wasn't enough
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