So bad that the scars on the inside had to reveal themselves
May 2

The heat in the room is smoldering
sweat beads on my forehead
and the fan can't keep up with the rising heat of summer
Her arms are still covered though
and i start to wonder
Who hurt her so bad?
So bad that tears weren't enough
that only a blade could make her feel
Human again
So bad that the pain couldn't all be held in one place
So bad that the scars on the inside had to reveal themselves
to the outside worls

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but the scars
Dec 8, 2013

but the scars
on your arms
aren't as bad
as the screams
in your head

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With only scars and thoughts,
Counting Scars

Last night,
I found some of our old photographs.
And memories shot at me
From 98 miles per hour,
And I realized that I missed you

No. I miss you

And running after you
Has been like chasing the clouds,
But I kept tripping and falling,
And I kept scraping my knees up.
Although I had wished
You to offer me a hand
I wiped my tears,
And picked myself up.

I let every bruise heal.
And even though here I am
With only scars and thoughts,
I am missing you.
And I will only continue to.


there's a SOML ((a 1D song)) reference there. It's been a while. :)
scars are beautiful
Alexandra Ann Carlin

to me
scars are beautiful
they show us where we've been
not where we're going
they remind us of battles
we once had to face

to me
scars make us strong
they paint a picture
of the darkness
you once lived in

to me
scars show us the past
they take you places
of sadness and sin

but look around
everyone has scars
some old
some new
they're all special
to me

I am a collection of scars.
Caitlin Manderski
Caitlin Manderski
May 28      May 29

I am a collection of scars.
Each tells a story.
Some from a childhood of laughter and a carefree attitude,
others from lonely nights in the shadows with anxiety riddled thoughts pressing down on me;
as I pressed down on the blade.

Excerpt from a short story I am writing.
#self   #harm   #sadness   #scars  
The scars are a constant reminder
Adrienne New

The scars are a constant reminder
of what we've been through.
It takes almost everything
we have, not to add onto
the tally marks
lined across our skin
when everything we go through,
breaks us apart.

You're not the only one.
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They say that people leave scars but what if the wound never heals and y
Jul 22      Jul 22

They say that people leave scars but what if the wound never heals and you bleed to death.

Written: July 22. - 2014
#life   #death   #bleed   #scars   #wounded  
She scars on her body,
Ashtyn Burk

She scars on her body,
scars on her heart.
They bleed for him,
But he was too blind to see.
While he picked the slut over her,
He breaks her even more.
Her love for him was rejected,
By his ignorance.
While she sits in her room heartbroken,
He's out partying with slut.
She's planning suicide,
He's  doing drugs and having a good time.
She swollows a bottle of pills,
While he sniffs a line of coke.
She's slowly dying,
He's  slowly feeling alive.
She's dead the next morning.
He went to school and find out about her suicide,
He  was starting to wishes was there for her last night but he was too stupid getting high
They found her note the day before her funeral,
She told him that she love him.
At her funeral, everyone came.
People who were never there for her, acted like they were.
Later on he realized his feelings for her,
You loved her.
But it's too late.
He now has scars on his heart too.

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