but the scars
Dec 8, 2013

but the scars
on your arms
aren't as bad
as the screams
in your head

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With only scars and thoughts,
Counting Scars

Last night,
I found some of our old photographs.
And memories shot at me
From 98 miles per hour,
And I realized that I missed you

No. I miss you

And running after you
Has been like chasing the clouds,
But I kept tripping and falling,
And I kept scraping my knees up.
Although I had wished
You to offer me a hand
I wiped my tears,
And picked myself up.

I let every bruise heal.
And even though here I am
With only scars and thoughts,
I am missing you.
And I will only continue to.


there's a SOML ((a 1D song)) reference there. It's been a while. :)
My scars help me love another,
Scars are beautiful

When I realized,
We were over, I knew you would leave
But only one will stay
You left them with me for me to get stronger
Now, you and I are over
a separation is beginning
I will see more of them
they help me forget you, we are over.
I will see a change with them
My scars help me love another,
You were just
another one of the scars that
I keep for the rest of my life.
You cant change that,
You cant over come them,
But, I can over come you.

My scars aren't physical.
Angelina Sarina
52 minutes ago

My scars aren't physical.
You can't see them on my wrists or legs,
But that doesn't mean they aren't there.
If you look deep enough, you can see--
There they are, etched into my heart.

Just because you can't see scars on someone's wrists doesn't mean they're any more put together than those who do. Sometimes we internalize our pain. That doesn't make it less valid.
Jenn Schwartz
Jenn Schwartz
Mar 26      Mar 28

You look at my arms like you've seen a ghost.
You look back at my face as though
I'm not the same person I was a second ago.
You look down and ask me why.
I simply say,
"Look up at me, let me see your face.
I'm not that person anymore.
Don't shut me out.
Don't walk away.
I'm telling you I am okay.
So, don't worry about me.
Just walk beside me and be my friend."

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my scars
ysabelle morales

i was always told to hide
my scars

under long sleeves
in the heat of summer
with long skirts
and opaque layers

no one can see
for the questions they’ll ask
i can't answer

because these scars

they are signs of vulnerability
each one tallying
a moment of defeat
another battle lost

more casualty
though the blood no longer
stains my skin

but me, myself, and I
am a sign of perseverance
i still breathe
and run and jump

i’ve endured the war
each scar tallying
a moment of survival
another fight won

so don’t tell me to hide
my scars

i wear each one proudly
medals of honor
and the questions you’ll ask

i’ll answer and say
"Yes, my scars are still here,

but so am I.”

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All my scars are gone
Elli Decker

All my scars are gone
There's nothing to remind me
Of the hell I lived

Shannon Acacia Wilson
Shannon Acacia Wilson
Apr 7      Apr 8

I always thought that you were perfect
Until you took your jacket off ,
And the sun broke through the window
And highlighted every scar on your beautiful arms.
That was the day that I realised
- you are perfect for me

#love   #beauty   #him   #us   #scars   #perfection   #imperfect  
Lets compare scars.
Misha Kroon
Misha Kroon
8 hours ago      1 hour ago

Lets compare scars.
Mine are in my mind.
Yours are on your wrists.

Lets compare feelings.
Mine are trapped in a corner of my mind slowly chocking me inside.
Yours are plain to see, splashed on the art you left on your arms.

Lets compare thoughts.
Mine weave in and out of everything slow tainting my hope.
Yours are to much to handle so you bathe in your blood.

Lets compare hope.
Mine is that I can make it till tomorrow.
Yours is that you make it each minute.

Lets compare ourselves.
We’re both in pain.
But who will chose to show it?

Lets Compare Scars.
Who’s are worse?


This is really old, but It meant a lot when I wrote it ... So I like it... Its a little cringey though :c xD
"your scars are gone!" they happily say
no one
no one
12 hours ago      9 hours ago

everyone thinks i'm doing okay
"your scars are gone!" they happily say
"yeah" i reply with a quiet smile
they were gone for a little while

little do you know, i'm actually worse
everything that happens to me just hurts
i fake a smile and put on a show
just so no one has to know

the demons inside me are attacking my mind
screaming fights going on and they're far from kind
the cuts i make are my only escape
releasing me from the words of hate

i know it looks like my scars are gone, but think
maybe i've just gotten better at hiding them

#cutting   #sad   #depression   #alone   #demons   #cut   #scars   #cutter   #hurting   #blades  
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