5 hours ago

i remember seeing you one particular night
you were working diligently on something for those you love
although your drive for what you were doing was admirable,
i also noticed how under that light, you looked so captivating

i could see the passion in your eyes,
the pride in your alluring smile,
the joy written all over your face,
and the love you had for everything you did

under that violet lighting, you were the only one i saw
you shined so brightly as you always do
but baby, you looked so ethereal that night
i wish i could tell you that

for the boy who made the world around me disappear by just existing .
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1 day ago

You're not the only one for me
But you're the one I want
Im not feeling anything ive never felt before
But i want to do something ive never done
Be with you....

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1 day ago

In a world where natural tendency
And temptation is feared
But hatred and ignorance
Make us comfortable
We that love and we that see
Are crushed by responsibility.

In response to some of what's going on in the world. This is just one response, but one that may be shared.
Claudia Tapia
Claudia Tapia
2 days ago

You started off as a crush. The type where I found myself being infatuated with someone I barely knew.
I watched as the one you loved broke your heart, and I held you as you cried.
I watched as you leaned in and I felt my heart flutter.
I watched as you hugged me and said you loved me…
I felt as my head and my heart fought over you and the right thing to do.
I felt as my heart loved you more than it loved itself.
I felt as my mind had come to terms with being in love with you.
You ended as a crush. The type that quelled me, but I still looked for in a crowded room.

About someone that I used to know.
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2 days ago

i wish i understood
the physics of your smile
how forces of motion
push the corners up
against gravity.

if i knew
maybe i could produce such a smile
or at the very least
get to see light refracting
in your blue eyes.

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2 days ago

i saw your smile today and it was the most beautiful thing i've seen in a long time
it wasn't the first time i had laid eyes on such a lovely sight
but in that moment, i really needed it
maybe i needed it more than i did before because it felt as though all of my problems went away
at least for a little while
even for a fleeting moment, it meant something to me
imagine if one day, i could have the same effect on someone else
the same effect you continue to have on me
your smile, the most lovely sight in the world

to the boy who brightened my days .
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3 days ago

daydreaming was never something that i strayed far from
i always wanted better things, therefore i always aimed farther
but there are limitations to everything in life
maybe one day, we do meet
our hands accidentally brush against one another's
our gazes lock and never falter
and our smiles genuine for the first time in a long time
maybe then, i would forget everything else and simply focus on you
that's all i would ever want: to live life in the moment
with you, those moments could become much more meaningful
i'd like to know your thoughts to this as well

he really has me writing sappy words .
4 days ago

His eyes like night, I can't find my way,
His hair like the brown of forest wood, I can't look away,
The pool of colours for I want to paint a picture of him,
Are too many, too many shades,
Too many tones and too many emotions.

Green, for the huge breath I take when I take a look,
Blue, for the happiness I receive,
Yellow, for the light, the light he emits,
Pink, for the blood rush he makes me feel.
Orange for the dusk, the time he leaves,
Purple, I want to see his sins,
And the black of charcoal, for when I take a breath,
Instantly he comes, and takes it away.

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4 days ago

i was always one to believe in things at first sight
whether that thing be a friendship or something more
of course with less, you always get this sense of joy
it's something that keeps you going and wanting more
when i first saw you, i was in no position to love
in no capacity was i capable of giving something so grand, and to receive nothing in return?
that was so unlike me.
despite all of that, i was willing to give and give as much as i could to you.
even now, i still have so much to put out there
and it's all for you

for the boy who showed me that one-sided love isn't always as bad as it sounds .
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5 days ago

it's been a while --
i've almost forgotten the ways
of your laughs and the taste of your
[it's been so long
since i've seen you smile]

it's been a while --
i'm ready to see you,
but there's so much longer
and i really doubt you want to see me too
[it's been so long
since you've made me smile]

it's been a while --
but now we're here
and to you i'm probably just a nothing girl
[it's been so long,
and together can we please smile?]

1. Long time since I've posted! Oops?
2. crush aahaaah
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