Erin Suurkoivu
Erin Suurkoivu
17 hours ago

what is sand
but the finest of glass?

and what are bones
but the finest of ash?

and you may try to crush
me down into the finest of elements,

reduce me to nothingness,
blow me to the wind.

but I have a talent
for rising again,

oh yes.
you cannot keep me down for long.

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2 days ago

Picking petals
Pretending to be pleased s
At the growing pile of no's
Not once was a yes given
I lie to myself,
Thinking it was just a coincidence
That every petal I plucked
Was adding to the belief
Of the possible
I went through a whole garden
Of roses and daisies and petunias,
Found the last flower
And was sure that this time,

This time,

The impossible would finally
Become not

One by one the petals
Fell to my feet,
And as each petal was lost
A piece of my heart
Left with it

I was sure this time
That he loved me

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2 days ago

You noticed me today,
I hope you notice me every day for the rest of the week, for the rest of the month, for the rest of the year

You said my name today,
It was like a song, it was music to my ears and it became my favorite
A song was stuck in my head, on repeat

You talked to me today,
I can't help but clinch my hand every time you express every word with a smile and just makes me want to listen to you all day long

We held hands today,
I felt every rush inside my veins
And a combination of all hearts of hearts as one

Although, at the same rush, i felt every single emotion of anyone could have
I felt happy
I felt confused
I felt happy, mostly confused
I felt happy and a little bit more happy
Until i felt nothing, nothing but confused

Your hand interlocked with mine felt like home
It was warm, gentle and fragile
A home should be taken good care of;
I can run home to you every day for the rest of my life
But it wasn't my home
It wasn't a home for me -
There's no running to because there never was a home

I stand between being confused and happy
Of letting myself go or setting you free
You said you loved me today,
I stand with a pause and you added a phrase, you said
"But leaving her isn't easy"

I walk by this lake everyday.
I pass these same trees routinely.
My feet stomp against
this exact concrete daily.
But tonight,
it’s different
I’m with you.

Your mile-long smile turned the leaves
into spheres of fire.
When your thumb wiped the fallen eyelash off
my cheek you transformed the streetlights
into floating lanterns.
The story of your mother
teaching you to bake the perfect
apple pie before she passed
converted the sidewalk
into a solid rainbow you borrowed from the heavens
to glide across with me.
you made this spot
my favorite spot.

By Lindsay Johnson
#love   #lust   #romance   #crush   #romantic   #you   #me   #us   #like   #date  
Jeremy Micallef
Jeremy Micallef
4 days ago

For a whole year, you were a ghost to me
Within the same room, yet you were unseen
Then I saw your face on a piece of paper -
You are so beautiful. I then could see
Talking to you, I was always so keen
Without a word, you made my life greater.

Once, drunk, I hugged you in a suit.
Outside on a balcony, whilst having a drink
I confessed my attraction for you.
At first, conversations were mute.
Just a few utters, without a single blink.
Days had only passed and affections grew.

There was a time when I thought I lost you.
It was not my lips who told you of my heart's desires,
You shut the door on a relationship
And shut me out as well. My chance I had blew.
Time heals pain as much water puts out fire.
The period of silence I'd like to skip.

Oh and that perfect hour!
We had spent talking just the three
On a Tuesday morning, before noon
Later on, I felt that unfamiliar feeling
Of happiness inside of me -
You had given life to the moon.

To pick one favourite moment
From walking with you to English class
Or shaking your hand in celebration,
It would be when you talked to me
About your group, I had comment
Days before. Why did the moment pass?
I have no reconciliation of that duration.

Destiny had put us again within the same walls
This time for an exam, in which we both had succeed
That now led us to study the same subject
Hoping it wouldn't lead to one of the great falls
I'll tell you - I'd do anything - For you I'd bleed
I won't mind having my life wrecked.

I don't know what the future holds.
Not even if it's bright or dark.
But I'm sure - you are so beautiful.
I wish that a new story unfolds;
One of happiness. One of love that is stark.
A boy and a girl who will always be truthful.

A story of two lovers, forever bound.
The beautiful girl, with an indescribable smile. Her voice, a lovely sound.
And the boy who is blind, never leaves his lover.
He cannot see, by a love that is stubborn.

A result of infatuation.
#love   #heartbreak   #poetry   #hope   #dreams   #crush   #unrequited  
5 days ago

Every time I close my eyes it is your face which greets mine. I feel your hands caress my cheeks and comb through my hair in the gentle whips of the flowing wind. Your voice speaks to me in the songs of the bird, telling the endless stories of me and you to the whole world around him. I feel the warmth of your touch in the sun gleaming down upon my pale skin. Then, hearing a call I wake from my dream and find you are not beside me. My heart only imagines what could be, if I had such brash courage to whisper it into your ears. This is the desire of my eyes, to see yours meet mine in look of love that over time will never fade. So we shall never part our paths but instead, intertwine into a beautiful lane to stroll down upon hand in hand.

For M.K.
#love   #poem   #poetry   #desire   #world   #nature   #crush   #prose   #worldpoetryday  
Nessa Kay
Nessa Kay
5 days ago

I was out of breath just walking with you.
It wasn't the sun
or the hay bathed heat,
it was the passion
with which you held your silence
that harkened the blood from my veins
and flushed my emotions
clear across my cheeks.

#love   #romance   #summer   #crush   #seasons  

Like a Japanese
cherry blossom before
the Spring bloom.
Paper thin petals
shift their gaze
towards the
rising sun.
Quivering with
of light and love.

Exposed to the gentle licks
of morning light,
tender wounds throb.
Feeling the potential for love
cautious excitement
cultivates hesitation.
Thick fingers
pry apart
delicate layers.
is revealed
and deepens with
tactile inquiry.

In fullest bloom
move with
the breeze.
Heart centre  
becomes an easy target
for ladybugs
and honeybees.
This once nocturnal
flower bud
reveling in
the midday sun.

Pick me! Pick me!

March 19th 2017
#love   #hope   #crush   #flower   #excitement  
Nessa Kay
Nessa Kay
7 days ago

And just like that, it was so simple
all daytime, flowers, and sunshine
or things
about which birds sing
He was patience
and madness
and simply
a beautiful night sky
just waiting for me to paint him.

#love   #crush  
MP Martinez
MP Martinez
7 days ago

Those algebraic expression you gave
made my heart go nonrhythmic
like finding the cosine
in your Pythagorean theorem
I can't express

Let's have some math~
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