Nameless Wonder
Nameless Wonder
7 hours ago

I'm too busy
trying to survive -
over here:
don't fucking come
with your fucking feelings...
Please don't.
Being a nice guy
is so damn exhausting
don't make your sweet
lovestruck face
be the first victim
of the...

Tired :/
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New Age Traveller
New Age Traveller
14 hours ago

A boy of such wonder,
you've ripped me from my dreams
my chest, it feels of thunder
with a hint of lightning beams.
Your image appears so strong,
Though I wish there was more to see
your are the tune to my favourite song
you leave me wild, young and free.

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Kelly Weaver
Kelly Weaver
16 hours ago

Lust has a name
The same name I whisper in my dreams
Lust has hands as soft as silk and eyes that shine like the stars
Touch like lightening and a laugh like thunder
A smile that could blind.

And Heartbreak shares this name
Heartbreak has a voice that could tear down walls
A grip that could crush the pyramids and words that could turn tides
It has the power to make you wish for the impossible and ache at the sight of a face
I should know.

Lust and Heartbreak have a name.

You know it like it's your own.

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #depression   #lust   #crush   #rejection  
Helena B
Helena B
1 day ago

Whenever you get close
My eyes water,
My throat closes up,
My thoughts jumble,
I can barely think straight.
My sentences pour out like spoiled milk.
I bet you think I'm an idiot
But I really hope not.

the feeling i get when i met someone new who i would like to know more, in an intimate way~
#nervous   #crush   #idiot   #newpeople  

My dreams dance around me like shadows dance around fire pits: swishing from side to side in so seductive a manner that I am mesmerized by their show. She is a dream to me. Dancing her body of lust around me in an effort to taunt me into submission, and I dare say I'm willing to submit to her.
There is an energy that she lets off that chokes my breathing when I speak and slows my reaction when our hands touch, for she is the kryptonite to my superman, and I willingly dive into her piercing crystals.
From the flick of her tongue, I know she is willing, come, butterfly, I will teach you how to soar as covers fly over over your body and your mind races with the pleasures I intend to lay upon you. Tell me that your mind doesn't get lost in the lust and I will tell you how much I'd love to prove you wrong.
Oh how I long to taste your seduction. On so many an occasion I had fantasized our connection as you paraded in front of me, dancing like shadows around a pit of fire. And I would savor the sight and enjoy the release of my love that ensued once my mind became clearer and my surroundings become empty.
My young goddess of lust. Might I savor your flavor and enjoy your skin like I wish? Perhaps one day when the timing is right, I shall take you down like I have countless times before in other realities and give you the taste of pleasure you pry me for.
Maybe one day I'll pull your head back by the hair and inhale your fragrance as I begin to devour you slowly and enjoyably for the world to see. Maybe one day I'll have you lie in front of me and open yourself for my exploration.
And on that day, I want you to know that you turned me into a beast of lust as built up like the seed I would eject into you.
You have turned me into a creature addicted to your skin. Addicted to your tongue. Addicted to your lips. A monster addicted to your sex.
You shall see my broken bonds as I tear your clothes, you shall see my shattered chains as I ram you with the anger hidden inside my brain and the frustration hidden deep inside my soul represented by the bite of my serpent.
And I shall abuse you.
Perhaps you'll respect me once you get a taste of the hell I had been through chasing you. Maybe when your back is bent, legs gaping and body frozen stiff by the fear of my lightening strikes will you see how willing I was to please you.
And not until I tear you apart will my flame of evil lust be extinguished. Not until your body is red from my pinches, not until your breast ache from the pull of my lips, or until the bite marks I leave you with begin to ooze your sweet nectar of red tears, not until then will I let you go. Even then, I may lick you clean once more and send you into the world a purified being.
You are a dancer in my eyes. A dancer of shadows and a product of the pit of fire from which you were birthed. But once I have your skin in my clutches, the only fire you'll recognize is the fire in my eyes as I make you moan the world away and the smoke brings tears to your eyes.

This isn't necessarily erotic per se, but it's literally the fact that It is rather um.... abrasive, I suppose. It felt weird writing, so that means I'm doing something right.
#love   #hate   #fire   #lust   #crush   #sex   #burn   #play   #sensuous   #sensuazonia  
Janna Remigio
Janna Remigio
1 day ago

Your masculinity. I knew I was warm enough with alcohol, but when you patted my arm and then walked away, I felt a sudden chill. The next thing I know, I was caressing it.

Your immediacy. You crossed my mind before we even met. And when we did, you kept smiling at me, and I reciprocated. I was convenient with the lenity of it all. In no time, you were sniffing at me, and I was telling you my darkest secret.

Your charm. It was very much like listening to Pachelbel and drinking in a company of good friends. It is either I am comforted, stimulated, or besotted. It could be all at once.

(What had happened before we met and happened afterwards are oxymorons that only make sense with whatever is 'between' us.)

#poem   #drunk   #lust   #dark   #crush   #night   #acrostic   #erotic   #freeverse   #flirt  
Mary Scott
Mary Scott
1 day ago

I feel electricity when we touch
a buzz I left in my seventeenth year
with latex condoms and shitty beer,
but I felt it there with you

I feel warmth when we talk
a calm I lost in translation,
decoding frantic cries in adolescent desperation
but I breathed deeply with you

I feel alive when we lay, wherever we may
A high I abandoned for minimum wage pay,
nodding off in cubicles to keep debt at bay,
but you make me forget that

I feel something with you that I forgot I could,
My heart races without desination, knowing it should
s t o p
and enjoy the view this time,
I feel fine this time

You: A nebula.
Vast and far-reaching.
Ionized gasses, pink and blue
An ode to passion, and depth.
You. Are. Unfathomable.
Nestled in your tendrils,
A cosmic safe harbor,
I am born a star.
Consuming your words like hydrogen,
I shine bright,
Radiating warmth into the cosmos.

1 day ago

my feelings for you are
a thrift store kind
of new.
they're used,
and old,
and over-worn,
but god.
i'm comfortable in them and there
is always something about
these feelings to explore
because they have not always been mine,
but they've always been there.
they've always been

i just had to find them

you held my hand today,
and the touch was so careful.
it was
such a ginger gesture,
and blue was never a warm color
until you looked me in the eyes
and said,
'your hands are so cold.'
yours were warm,
and baby, it was a
warmth i needed to feel,
as my soul
grazed the constellations.

and suddenly,
my heartbeat
causes the earth to tremble.

if you've been keeping up w me, you know idk what i'm doing.

leo = halfcrush for whom i may still have strong feelings for oops????
#love   #feelings   #metaphor   #cute   #crush   #moments  
Jan 10

I have been thinking about you since we have met. Intimidated by your beauty by that time. I could not stand up to shake your hand nor I could ask for your name. How embarrassing really.

Your beauty, in this world, is comparable to the brightness of the Sun, at night to the brightness of the Moon. In mythology, you are like the Phoenix, an eternal beauty, one and only.

I have not seen you for a year nor dreamt of you, but you are always in my mind.

A wise man once said the men who accumulated great fortunes and success were motivated by the influence of a woman. I am motivated by the influence of you.

When the time comes and if that time comes, I will talk to you. Then, maybe I could stroke your beautiful long black hair with my peasant hands.

Cchi siti d'acqua idda E ju siti d'amuri
What she thirsts for water I thirst for love

5am thoughts. Poem or not, I do not care. I just have to let it out.
#thoughts   #crush   #like   #5am   #goals  
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